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Vodcasting is a way of delivering video files to viewers by having them subscribe to a feed. Each time a listing of videos is updated subscribers to that feed receive a notification of the update, or the video file itself, automatically. It's basically the difference between having to go to the news agent every day to buy the paper or having it delivered to your front door. You can subscribe to vodcasts using software like  Democracy, iTunes and  Juice. More at:

Creating Vodcast Channels

Plumi makes it very easy for users to create their own vodcast channel. All categories created in Plumi automatically put out a valid vodcast feed of videos in the "published" state. Members also have their own personal vodcast channel created as soon as they have a video published. They can additionally modify how many items appear in their feed and will soon be able to add their own custom image to their feed.

You can create custom feeds by creating new smart folders. Smart folders are a way of dynamically pulling specified content into a listing. You can combine categories, authors, genres and more to create any combination of videos and vodcast you want.

 Smart Folders Tutorial

Vodcasting in Plumi uses  qRSS2Syndication