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Video Uploading

Plumi uses a three step form for publishing. The process is relatively simple and requires users to fill out basic information about their video (producer, director, date created etc.), categorise the video via a traditional taxonomy and also by tagging, attach a license (via the Creative Commons API), upload a photo (which is used as a thumbnail) and of course their video. Only some fields are currently compulsory.

There is a series of steps videos go through to get published which you can read more about at WorkFlow.

Current fields include

  • Title (Required)
  • Description (Required)
  • A short summary of the content
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Producer's email address
  • Producer's address details
  • Project Name
  • Production Company
  • Website address
  • Distributor
  • Date produced (Required)
  • Full Description of your film
  • Country
  • Genre
  • Topics
  • Tags
  • License
  • Video duration (Required)
  • File name (Required)
  • Thumbnail

If you are a developer you can modify these fields to suit your needs by subclassing to make a new content type with specific new elements (the schema) in

Before starting subclassing you should read -

Also check -

Currently Plumi will accept most common (and some obscure) file formats. Some of these, such as wmv, mpg, mp4, mov, can be embedded in the browser for playback if they are encoded the right way. (For more info see VideoEmbedding?). PlumiIndyTube? will transcode most file formats to Flash and embed them in the browser for playback.

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To Do

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