• Install at least icecast2 server version icecast-2.3.2-kh8

Icecast Management interface at  http://<yourserver>:8000/


  • LiquidSoap? server, at least version 0.9. [ so far optional]

This will eventually be the smart playlist generator, streaming to icecast based on network playlist.

  • To make your tv stream manully, you can use code like
$find /var/www/stable-flv-files/ -name "*ogg" -print > playlist.txt

to make a playlist. Then


for i in $(cat playlist.txt);
        echo "streaming $i to icecast2 streamer ... ";
        cat $i | oggfwd -p -n "Plumi TV" localhost 8000 password /plumi.ogg
        echo "DONE with $i" ;


Will stream OGG videos in a loop. The stream will break in between videos.

Check you managment interface above, for the icecast stream URL, then open it in VLC and watch your TV channel.

stay tuned for better ways .