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* This is an OLD page - the latest Plumi 3.0 plan is Plumi 3.0 Work Plan *

Plumi 0.3 ALPHA

  • The plumi 0.3 buildout - plone 3.x compatibility

see DevelopmentReleases for an explanantion of all the subversion areas we are using for the buildout , products etc

The buildout system were are using for plumi 0.3 dev work is

[ svn co plumi-buildout-plone3 ]

The current buildout system targets plone 3.2.x , and zeo setup, and includes, plumi products and there dependencies, quills (a blog product, not installed by default)

  • Review of current products.

Here is a review of all the products being used, and what to do regarding plone 3 compatibility, or if its no longer needed, or needs to be replaced: Plumi0.3ProductsReview

  • Specify custom Plumi products for plumi 0.3:


  • :


  • plumi.content


  • plumi.mediahost


  • plumi.migration :


policy product: [ ]

site customisations security and workflows roles/groups third part dependencies

skin/theme product: [ ]

content types [ plumi.content ]



  • An initial *alpha 1* plone 3 compatible system to start developing

on is available, via a buildout:

more info about blob support can be found at and

Plumi 0.3 BETA

  • Develop a plumi-0.2.x compatible export/import.

Should work between 2 plumi-0.2.x-final plumi sites as well as from a plumi-0.2.x plumi site to a plumi site running plumi-0.3-final

Can be used for migrating to a new zope/plone instance, or merging 2 plumi video archives into one system, etc

Initial code using JSON migrator :

Can be included via SVN recipe, see trunk version of buildout.cfg in plumi-buildout-plone2.5

  • migration from plumi 0.2.x systems, approaches:

background readings :

start of notes , migrating from plumi 0.2.x systems

The aim is to have existing plumi sites (ie their existing zope db, Data.fs, and any externally stored video files etc) migrate from plumi-0.2.x to plumi 0.3 / plone 3.

ie the aim is to have existing content migration of ATEngageVideo objects into blob-backed "videos objects. (ATEngageVideo style or subtypes of p4a etc)

importer/exporter approach::

JSON migrator, with import/export views, runs on old plumi

server, installed via quick installer. on new box, custom scripts to convert from atvideo-plumi0.2.x to plumi 0.3 + blob field

Plumi Development Instances

There will be 3+ Plumi instances

  • - running on the latest released final version (ie a tagged version of plumi , at the moment : 0.2.3-final)
  • - running the development branch of the current released stable version (ie an as-yet-unreleased 0.2.4)
  •,, - running the latest development version - ie plumi 0.3 trunk/branch