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Plumi 0.3 ALPHA

  • The plumi 0.3 buildout - plone 3.x compatibility

see DevelopmentReleases for an explanantion of all the subversion areas we are using for the buildout , products etc

The buildout system were are using for plumi 0.3 dev work is

[ svn co plumi-buildout-plone3 ]

The current buildout system targets plone 3.2.x , and zeo setup, and includes, plumi products and there dependencies, quills (a blog product, not installed by default)

  • Review of current products.

Here is a review of all the products being used, and what to do regarding plone 3 compatibility, or if its no longer needed, or needs to be replaced: Plumi0.3ProductsReview

  • Specify custom Plumi products for plumi 0.3:

policy product: [ ]

site customisations security and workflows roles/groups third part dependencies

skin/theme product: [ ]

content types [ ATVideo / ATMediaFile ? p4a ? ]



  • An initial *pre-alpha* plone 3 compatible system to start developing

on is available, via a buildout:

It has the potential for blob based content types with the old plumi 0.2.x products, same content types and same view templates.

more info about blob support can be found at and

Plumi 0.3 BETA

  • Develop a plumi-0.2.x compatible export/import.

Should work between 2 plumi-0.2.x-final plumi sites as well as from a plumi-0.2.x plumi site to a plumi site running plumi-0.3-final

Can be used for migrating to a new zope/plone instance, or merging 2 plumi video archives into one system, etc

Initial code using JSON migrator :

Can be included via SVN recipe, see trunk version of buildout.cfg in plumi-buildout-plone2.5

  • migration from plumi 0.2.x systems, approaches:

background readings :

start of notes , migrating from plumi 0.2.x systems

The aim is to have existing plumi sites (ie their existing zope db, Data.fs, and any externally stored video files etc) migrate from plumi-0.2.x to plumi 0.3 / plone 3.

ie the aim is to have existing content migration of ATEngageVideo objects into blob-backed "videos objects. (ATEngageVideo style or subtypes of p4a etc)

importer/exporter approach::

JSON migrator, with import/export views, runs on old plumi

server, installed via quick installer. on new box, custom scripts to convert from atvideo-plumi0.2.x to plumi 0.3 + blob field

Plumi Development Instances

There will be 3+ Plumi instances

  • - running on the latest released final version (ie a tagged version of plumi , at the moment : 0.2.3-final)
  • - running the development branch of the current released stable version (ie an as-yet-unreleased 0.2.4)
  •,, - running the latest development version - ie plumi 0.3 trunk/branch