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How To Feature News/Events?

How to feature an event or news item so it will appear on the News and Events section on the front page of your Plumi website.

Plumi currently uses a keyword system to "feature" items such as Videos, News and Events on the front page. We aim to change this into a more elegant system in the future however through the use of custom content item types.

News and Events are grouped on the front page of your Plumi website - the latest News or Event to be featured will display in this section.

To feature an event all you have to do is edit the Properties tab of the Event and add a keyword of "featured" to make it a Featured Event. The last News or Event item to be created, and that has a "featured" keyword, will be shown on the front page.

You will need to be a Manager of the website in order to add Featured Events.

Step 1.

Login to the Plumi website - you must have Manager privileges.

Step 2.

Navigate to the News item you wish to feature.


Step 3.

Click the edit tab.

Step 4.

Click the Categorization tab Enter the word "featured" into the box on the right-hand side of Keywords.

Step 5.

Click Save.

Step 6.

Check the front page of your Plumi site to check that your News item now appears in the News and Events section.



You may wish to remove the "featured" tag from all News and Events except the one you wish to feature on the front page in order to make sure you get the right News or Events item featured.

We realise this is a slightly crude way of featuring news/events and will be looking to update it in the future.