Plumi 3.x to 4.x migration guide

  • Back up your Data.fs, the blobstorage and the transcoded videos directory
  • Go to the add-ons panel in the 3.x instance and uninstall Vaporisation, ATCountryWidget, json_migrator, plumi.migration
  • Go to the @@manage-portlets page of your Plumi 3.x instance and remove the tagcloud portlet
  • Copy var/filestorage var/blobstorage and the transcoded directories from the 3.x to the 4.0 buildout directory
  • Update site.cfg, bootstrap & buildout
  • Start supervisor & your debug instance
  • Migrate plone
  • Reinstall plumi
  • Update site title, description, email, analytics code
  • Optionally run the upgrade step from the ZMI to set the deafult editor to TinyMCE for all users