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Migrating to Plumi 3

These are the steps we're following to migrate the site to Plumi 3. They will be come the recommended steps to follow to upgrade other existing sites.

This page shows at a high level the steps to follow and the target dates for conversion of the site. You can also find detailed technical steps in the  MIGRATING.txt file included with Plumi.

Steps & Dates/Times?

  1. Preparation Steps
    1. Server Preparation
      1. Set up domains ( &
      2. Assess specs for collingwood & estimate duration of migration (920i7 quad core CPU, 2.67GHz, 12Gb RAM) est import = 4 hours, export = 3 hours
      3. Change mount name from /opt/old-colli to /opt/emsite
      4. Modify transcode script to use multiple cores
    2. Data Preparation
      1. Purge old public draft videos (spam, incomplete uploads, etc) - Barry - by Fri 23rd Apr
      2. Prepare a list of sites with embedded videos in them (small list, for testing later)
      3. Set up with a fresh new Plumi 3 install - Unweb
      4. Configure Staging site with production title & description (& other items that are not migrated) - Unweb
      5. Check that skin is looking correct & up to latest version - And
  2. Kick off Migration
    1. Add front page news article about migration and being read-only - And
    2. Modify Plumi skin to remove login, register & publish functions and add "Migration underway, no site changes allowed. Click here for more information" (where "here" is a link to home) - Unweb
    3. Set zope database to read-only - Unweb
  3. Migration Process
    1. Export users & content from (est 3 hours)
    2. Import users data into (est 1/2 hour)
    3. Import content data into (est 3 & 1/2 hours)
  4. Start running transcoding
  5. Test & Verify
    1. EM staff work through the site to verify all systems are functional while Unweb staff repair any issues (est 2-6 hours)
  6. Move staging to production
    1. Stop transcoder
    2. Shut down site (production)
    3. Shut down site
    4. Change apache configuration so is directed to staging installation (now the new production site)
    5. Start up new production site
    6. Test that embedded videos from the old site are still working (use list of test entries)
    7. Start transcoder again using Dimo's "resume" script
    8. Monitoring of new site while people start using it
    9. Go have a beer
  7. Post install clean up
    1. Reset transcoder script to use only 1 or 2 cores