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The following notes were written up during the Tech Sessions at the Local Archives Camp held in April near Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


  1. Through the web
    1. portal_skins
      1. ploneCustom.css
      2. old style templates
    2. portal_view_customizations
      1. browser view templates
  2. Filesystem theme egg
  3. Deliverance
    1. Deliverance takes any HTML/CSS theme and an XML rule file, applies them to content from a site and then sends it to the user

Configuring a server to start a standard Plumi system

cd (where your Plumi system has been installed)

./bin/instance start


su zope -c './bin/transcodedaemon start'

./bin/apachectl start

NOTE: in the su zope -c command, change "zope" for the user name that zope was installed under (could be plone, etc)