Deprecated. Plumi now uses


Indytube is a video transcoding program, run using the Twisted framework. It uses MEncoder / ffmpeg2theora to convert videos to web preview formats, and prepares web html files incorporating Flowplayer to allow web browser video playback.

We host a SVN indytube repository here -

The latest tagged version we are using in plumi 0.2.3-final is

Updating from older versions

NOTE that the version of IndyTube, distributed in plumi 0.2.3, and found on the branch for plumi 0.2.x, , solves the transcoding problem of a user uploading two files with the same name, but different file extensions (abc.mp4 and for instance) as documented here If upgrading or updating, please read this ticket for instructions.

Installing IndyTube on Plumi 0.2.x

Retrieve indytube from subversion

svn co indytube

Then configure using the README, INSTALL, and INSTALL.plone docs found in the directory, also available at:

An init.d script is available for debian-like operating systems: IndyTubeInitScript

Installing IndyTube on Plumi 0.3.x (pre-alpha)

UNRELEASED The Indytube version for Plumi 0.3.x will be a Grok based app - with a web GUI for configuration and reporting on the status of media files. It will be integrated into Plumi (Plone CMS) , such that upon user uploads of media files into Plone, they will be automatically, asynchronously, downloaded, transcoded, and made available by bittorrent. (and whatever else)

Restarting Indytube (manual way, for Plumi 0.2.x version)

We have noticed that indytube can stop working on occasion - here are some instructions regarding restarting indytube.

Note that this has been written for a system that has several running Plumi instances (eg: stable and testing). It would be a lot easier with only one running instance - you would skip step 1.b.

  1. kill the process
    1. discover which process is the one you want to restart.
      user@plumibox:$ ps auxwww | grep indy
      root 16946 0.3 0.3 11484 7636 ? S 19:23 0:33 /usr/bin/python2.4 ./
      user 19665 0.0 0.0 3200 720 pts/0 R+ 21:42 0:00 grep indy
      the second column is the PID
    2. check the /proc psuedo file system , which gives links to info about each process running
      user@plumibox:$ls -ltr /proc/
      user@plumibox:$ sudo ls -ld /proc/16946/cwd 
      lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 2007-07-25 11:44 /proc/16946/cwd -> /opt/instances/indytube-svn
    3. That's the process to kill, in this case, and where to restart it from:
      user@plumibox:$sudo kill -9 16946
  1. Remove any lock files. These will be in the form indytube-encoder.lock.*
user@plumibox:/opt/instances/indytube-svn$ sudo rm indytube-encoder.lock.*
  1. Restart indytube
user@plumibox:/opt/instances/indytube-svn$ sudo ./

The directory from which you start indytube represents the Plumi instance that it is running on - make sure you restart it from the right place!

Transcoding Errors - Indytube / Variable Frame Rates

Errors have been reported when videos inputting into mencoder (Indytube) have a variable frame rate. See this ticket for info:

See this wiki page for more research notes: TranscodingErrors


There is a codecoop homepage for indytube here -