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     1= Frequently Asked Questions = 
     31. If you are FLOSS, why don't you use OGG/If you are GPL, why do you only embed proprietary formats? 
     5  Plumi does support Ogg. You can upload Ogg and download Ogg. 
     7  Currently the FOSS implementation of Indytube (Flowplayer/ffmpeg) that we are using only supports transcoding to Flash. We would like to release an Ogg version of this soon, but there is a certain amount of development to do amongst many other development priorities. If you are a developer you could always help out :) 
     9  We are currently working on an [ R&D project into FOSS codecs] that is essentially about improving support of Ogg in our system, and in other popular systems such as Drupal. 
     11  We are investigating the Cortado Java Applet, as well as the VLC plugin amongst other things. 
     152. Does Plumi use file system storage? 
     17  Plumi uses the [ ExternalStorage] product, so yes, the media files stay in the file system. Its only been tested with Plone 2.5.x at this stage, but we are hopefully going to get funding to make it compatible with Plone3 this year.