Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why "Plumi"?

We spent a lot of time thinking of many different names to use for the software before settling on Plumi. It is a shortening and concatenation of Plone and  Lumiere.

 Plumi is also another name for the  beautiful flower commonly known as the  Frangipani, or less commonly,  Plumeria. And who doesn't want to share a name with a beautiful flower?

  1. If you are FLOSS, why don't you use OGG/If you are GPL, why do embed proprietary formats?

Plumi does support Ogg. Currently the FOSS implementation of Transcode Star (Flowplayer/ffmpeg) that we are using supports transcoding to Flash and ogg/Theora. We are currently working on implementing HTML5, to use the more open Ogg & WebM formats.

  1. How much RAM/CPU etc. do I need to run a Plumi site?

This depends on traffic, and number of videos really. Plone sites tend to require reasonable amounts of both, and are not usually suitable to shared hosting environments.