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Embedded Playback

Plumi allows you to embed some types of videos inside the web page without the need to transcode them using IndyTube. If you don't have the knowledge, time or server required to set up flash transcoding this simple embedded playback may well solve your problem. Using  ATVideo and  Video Play in Place (VPIP) allows the following file formats to play back in the browser.

  • Quicktime
    • .mov, .mp4,.smi, .smil, .3gp
  • Windows Media
    • .avi, .wmv, .asf, .wma
  • Flash - there are currently issues with Flash we are attempting to fix.

Note that when encoding your video files for some (like quicktime) you must select "prepare for internet streaming" to ensure your video progressively downloads.

To make the video appear for progressive download you must add the tag "vpip" to the video item.

For an example see: