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    1 == Custom Templates == 
    2 Plumi contains a range of customised templates for browsing videos and navigating the site. You can design on top of these templates in whatever manner you please. The Plumi design is very basic for the moment and is intended to work with the default Plone skin. See the product for more infomation on skins. 
    4 From Plumi 4.0 and later, the templates required for the basic plumi functionality have been moved away from and into plumi.content that plays well with the default Plone 4 theme (Sunburst). You can choose to design on top of these, or install that is based on the Plone Classic Theme and start from there. 
    6 Templates include 
    7  * Video listings (country, topic, member's video folder etc.) that provide the basic information about the video with an associated thumbnail that links to the video item display page. 
    8  * Basic video view page with video data, full description thumbnail 
    9  * Video publishing templates - Step 1, 2, 3 form. 
    10  * Index_html front page that displays featured news and events and the 5 most recently uploaded videos in the "published" state. 
    11  * Personalize_form for entering author/profile page information 
    12  * Author/profile page displaying information related to the author's video interests and latest videos published, including vodcast channel. More at ProfilePage. 
     1This page is deprecated. Please visit the Plumi Manual -