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During the publishing phase of a video, the user is asked to add a Country to the video's metadata. Since Plumi was originally made by the Engagemedia Collective as a means to the  Engagemedia ends, the country listing is slanted toward Oceania, South East Asia and the Pacific.

If you are not in this region, or want to make your own list of countries, this page explains how to change them.

1. The Background

The country listing uses the  ATCountryWidget product as a base, but it is configured and called from the ATVideo product.

2. Changing configuration

You can change things in two ways, depending on what you need. Most of the time you will only need the first option.

In the Zope Management Interface, go to the root directory of your site, and there should be a tool called "portal_countryutils". In there you can add regions and areas; and countries to each area. The list of countries is from the ISO list of countries, and so (we found) is missing a few of the more obscure or unrecognised countries like West Papua.

If you are interested in adding your own countries (vids from the moon, etc), then you need to edit one of the files that installs Plumi. In the path you downloaded plumi to, open /ATVideo/Extensions/ in your favourite text editor - you will almost certainly need root or sudo access for this.

On line 654 you will find the addCustomAreasATCountryWidget function. You don't even really need to be able to program in python - it's pretty self explanatory and andycat's inline comments are great. add somethign like countrytool.manage_countries_addCountry('MO','Moon') Re-install plumi (remove/add the products) and you should see the Moon available as a country.

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