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Work Remaining to Complete the Burnstation Prototype

  • Modify transcode daemon to produce mpeg2 files of any uploaded video
  • Create burnstation module (convert list of videos into an ISO for downloading)
  • Create user interface module (build list, clear list, create ISO, download ISO)
  • Minor changes to user interface (as requested by AL)
  • #444 - Cannot play mounted ISO - NOTE: GM to test further
  • #445 - Problem creating an ISO unless logged in as admin
  • #446 - Change "Burn Disc" link to "Make Disc Image" and make it red
  • #447 - "Clear Queue" and "Burn Disc" link available when ISO is being built
  • #448 - Increase font size in the Burn Queue portlet
  • #449 - Error when clicking "Burn Disc" - become logged in as admin?

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