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Work Remaining to Complete the Burnstation Prototype

  • Modify transcode daemon to produce mpeg2 files of any uploaded video
  • Create burnstation module (convert list of videos into an ISO for downloading)
  • Create user interface module (build list, clear list, create ISO, download ISO)
  • Minor changes to user interface (as requested by AL)
  • Ordinary user cannot download ISO/admin user can
  • note on the "queue is being processed, it will be available in a few minutes", needs to say "Your DVD (or disk?) is being processed, please refresh this page in a few minutes.
  • a link to "burndisc" <> comes up while the queue is processing, but it only takes you to the front page again if you click on it. I assume it's a hang over from the previous option where it does come up and is necessary.
  • Can "burn disk" when you first create the ISO also be in red. It's a bit hard to see and just trying basic things so it's a bit easier for people to follow.
  • Can the general font of the action texts (burn, get iso, Clear Burnstation queue etc.) be a little bigger? With the italics it's a bit hard to read.
  • Test & verify ISO can be burnt to a DVD and played on a DVD player [GM/AL to do]

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