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Installing and using the Burnstation prototype on a Plumi/Plone? Site


This is a prototype of the Burnstation module for Plumi and Plone sites. This module will allow a Plumi (or Plone) system to burn DVDs of videos from its collection. The intention is to facilitate distribution of video content to areas where Internet connections may not support streaming video online, or provide additional distribution options.

The Burnstation prototype is able to run on Plone 3 and Plone 4 based sites.


These instructions assume you have a working Plumi site (version 3.1 or higher), which uses as the transcoding system (

To install burnstation, edit the buildout.cfg of your Plumi site to include the following:

  • In the [eggs] section, add:
  • In the [sources] section, add:
    collective.transcode.burnstation = svn

Then you have to install the python-feedparser and tovid packages onto your system. You can do this on Ubuntu with the following command:

  apt-get install python-feedparser tovid

Now go to the "Add Ons" page in your Plumi site's "Site Setup" section. Install "Transcode Burnstation 0.1" then go to "Transcode settings" and add the profile mpeg2 on "transcode profiles"

Once this has been done, every time a new video is added it gets transcoded according to the mpeg2 profile. Also, an "Add to burn queue" link will be added in the Site actions area when each video is displayed (next to the "add to Favorites" icon).

If an existing videos does not show the "Add to burn queue" link, manually re-start the transcoding process for that video. Once it has completed, an mpeg2 version of the file will have been created using the new profile and the "Add to burn queue" link will be displayed.

How to use

  • While logged in as user, visit the video you want to be added on the queue and click on the "add to burn queue" link (next to the "Add to Favourites" icon)
  • A portlet appears on the right column of your site, on the bottom, containing the video(s) in the queue, and two options:
    • Clear queue
    • Burn queue
  • Use "Clear queue" to clear the queue so you can start creating a new list of videos to be burnt to DVD
    • NOTE: Only published videos that are transcoded with the mpeg2 profile are allowed to be added on the queue.
    • If a video hasn't been transcoded with the mpeg2 profile, it will not show the "add to burn queue" option.
    • You have to click the "re-transcode the video" link in order to have the "Add to burn queue" link appear.
  • Once you have added the videos you want to your list, choose "Burn queue"
    • NOTE: This will start building a DVD ISO file for you to download.
    • Depending on the number of videos and how big they are, it will take from a couple of minutes to 20-30 minutes to prepare the ISO file.
    • Refresh the page and the message "Queue is being processed, it will be available in a few minutes" will be displayed on the "Burn queue" portlet.
    • Come back after a few minutes & refresh the page. Once the ISO is done, the message will change to "ISO ready: get it!"
    • Download the ISO using the link and you're ready to burn the it to a dvd: it has the videos with generated animated images there for you!

How to install on a Plone site (without Plumi)

Burnstation can be installed on any Plone 3.x or 4.x site, without Plumi.

Ensure the following eggs are installed:


Ensure the sources section has the following:

[sources] = svn
collective.transcode.daemon = svn
collective.transcode.recipe = svn
collective.transcode.burnstation = svn

Add the [transcodedaemon] section with the default_supported_mimetypes and profiles lists, as they are on the burnstation buildout.cfg

From your Plone site, install and transcode.burnstation then go to "Transcode settings" and add profile mpeg2 on "transcode profiles".

You will need to install python-feedparser and tovid on your system plus the dependencies (see

As in the Plumi section above, once a video is added, an mpeg2 profile is created and an 'Add to burn queue' option is available for the video


Future work

  • The complete system will perform tests for the final iso size and alert users if they have to exclude some videos.
  • Ajax will immediately inform users regarding the queue and iso status, once they have changed.