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Burnstation Prototype Project Plan

Release 0.1 as of August 2nd, 2010


Production of a prototype Burnstation system as specified in BurnstationPrototypeDesign for the reasons shown at Burnstation?.

People Involved

Sponsor: Andrew Lowenthal

Funder: Ford Foundation


  • Users of Plumi systems that want to distribute their content on disks
  • No specific stakeholders have been identified
  • Likely to be trialled with one or two of the more technically advanced "Local Archive" systems in Indonesia


  • Grant McHerron? (Project Manager & documenter)
  • Dimo & the Unweb team (developers)

Project Constraints



  • Must be completed by August 20th as Unweb team are on vacation after that



  • As this will be a prototype, it is expected to function correctly (within the limited prototype's scope) but user interface & technical support systems/documentation are not required to be at full production quality levels


  • Can only work with the team as specified due to knowledge of the Plumi system, availability, etc.

Objectives / Goals

Deliverables / Scope

Work Breakdown / Timeline

Resources External to Project Team

  • None identified at this stage
  • Development team have knowledge to build ISO files, modify Plumi components (including transcode daemon) and release new/updated pypi eggs

Dependent Projects

  • Plumi 3.1 must be completed prior to this project being released
  • Plumi 3.2 cannot start until this project is completed (transcode daemon is common to all Plumi projects)

Risk Identification & Mitigation

Project Reporting Plan