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The following issues need to be resolved for the Burnstation Prototype

Will the prototype produce only DVD ISOs

Raised by GM - 2010-08-02

  • The Burnstation requirements call for the system to produce DVDs or VCDs
  • The current prototype design talks about DVD ISOs and VOB files
  • Will the prototype be able to produce a VCD?
  • Will VOBs be suitable for VCDs?

Decision made by Unweb & agreed by EM: Prototype will produce only DVD ISOs as this removes the need to check sizes or worry about different formatting within the image.

NOTE: When designing the final system, need to check whether VCD is still a popular option within Indonesia and other parts of Asia or whether everyone has transitioned to DVD.

When to produce VOB files

Raised by GM - 2010-08-02

  • The current design has the transcode daemon system producing VOB files for every video in a Plumi system
  • The benefit of doing this is that it means that when a DVD ISO is being assembled by the Burnstation system, there's no need to encode VOBs, making it faster.
  • The problems with this approach are:
    • This will slow down transcoding of multiple videos (more work for it to do before it can get the Flash files produced if there's many videos in the queue)
    • This will consume more disk space on the Plumi server as many videos may be uploaded that are never burnt to disks
    • If the eventual system is to produce DVDs or VCDs, will VOBs be suitable for a VCD ISO? (see issue above re: prototype producing VCDs as well as DVDs)

Decision made by Unweb & agreed by EM: Prototype will produce VOB files of all videos as space will not be an issue for prototype systems running in test environments.

NOTE: Need to review this in final system design as if Burnstation is deployed on a large production site, space requirements for transcoded videos will increase significantly.

Will this be tested in Indonesia?

Raised by GM - 2010-08-02

  • Will this system be tested at one of the Local Archive systems in Indonesia?
  • If not, how we will verify that the prototype is working correctly? On

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