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The following issues need to be resolved for the Burnstation Prototype

Will the prototype produce only DVD ISOs [Resolved]

Raised by GM - 2010-08-02

  • The Burnstation requirements call for the system to produce DVDs or VCDs
  • The current prototype design talks about DVD ISOs and VOB files
  • Will the prototype be able to produce a VCD?
  • Will VOBs be suitable for VCDs?

Decision made by Unweb & agreed by EM: Prototype will produce only DVD ISOs as this removes the need to check sizes or worry about different formatting within the image.

NOTE: When designing the final system, need to check whether VCD is still a popular option within Indonesia and other parts of Asia or whether everyone has transitioned to DVD.

When to produce VOB files [Resolved]

Raised by GM - 2010-08-02 - Resolved, then revised as the prototype was created & information provided by ch.psal

  • The original design has the transcode daemon system producing VOB files for every video in a Plumi system
  • The benefit of doing this is that it means that when a DVD ISO is being assembled by the Burnstation system, there's no need to encode VOBs, making it faster.
  • The problems with this approach are:
    • This will slow down transcoding of multiple videos (more work for it to do before it can get the Flash files produced if there's many videos in the queue)
    • This will consume more disk space on the Plumi server as many videos may be uploaded that are never burnt to disks
    • If the eventual system is to produce DVDs or VCDs, will VOBs be suitable for a VCD ISO? (see issue above re: prototype producing VCDs as well as DVDs)

It was decided that the prototype would produce VOB files of all videos as space will not be an issue for prototype systems running in test environments.

Following development, the process was revised to:

  1. Transcodedaemon creates an mpeg2 encoded version of all videos loaded into a Plumi system running Burnstation
  2. When the burn process is started, system will create the VOBs (& other files) directly from the mpeg2 files (VOBs are based on mpeg2 encoded files)
  3. Create the ISO of the DVD from the VOBs, BUPs and IFOs created in the step above
  4. Serve the ISO to the user for downloading & burning

NOTE: Need to confirm that if Burnstation is deployed on a large production site, space requirements for transcoded videos will not increase significantly.

Will this be tested in Indonesia? [Resolved]

Raised by GM - 2010-08-02

  • Will this system be tested at one of the Local Archive systems in Indonesia?
  • If not, how we will verify that the prototype is working correctly? On

UPDATE: 2010-08-30 - Setting up Burnstation initially on for initial acceptance & verification.

Decision made: There isn't sufficient budget to allow real testing/evaluation of the prototype anywhere other than That being said, however, the Local Archive teams can download the Burnstation modules, add them to their Plumi sites and then perform their own evaluation.

User Interface Quality

  • The interface in the Plumi system is very simplistic
  • Will an icon be developed for the "Add to Burn Queue" option?
  • Will the Burn Queue portlet be updated to provide more space for information?
  • Will the user receive a message confirming they have selected a video and it's been added to the queue? (currently they just get bounced back to the home page and the Burn Queue portlet is updated)

UPDATE: 2010-09-10 - As this is a prototype, a very minimalist user interface is available as people using it are expected to be of sufficient level to understand its operation (based on "How to" guides provided)

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