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    3 == Basics == 
     3== Overview == 
    5 === Minimum functional requirements of the Burnstation prototype are for the system to === 
    6  * convert ingested video files to vob 
    7  * users to be able to build a unique playlist via a GUI of these video items 
    8  * require size checking if the ISO is too big 
    9  * to burn this playlist to a DVD that will play in a standard DVD player 
    10  * for the DVD disk to have a name given to it by the system 
     5The system will consist of two basic components: 
    12 The system must be release as GPL packages for others to be able to use and modify. 
     7 * A standalone XML-RPC service that will generate and serve DVD iso files on request. The ISO files could be burned into discs that will play in standard dvd players and will contain the input videos and a basic DVD menu to select which video to play 
     8 * A minimal interface that will allow the users of a Plumi site to select a number of videos and request an DVD iso that contains them, using the above service 
    14 === Ideal functionality === 
    15  * Basic DVD menu listing content items on the disk 
    16  * User to select name of the disk (with  appropriate normalisation) 
    17  * VCD option 
    19 == User experience == 
    21 As a prototype, this version of Burnstation will not be tightly nor seamlessly integrated into the Plumi package. 
    23 The intention is for the user to be able to click on a "Burn It" button displayed next to a video. This in turn allocates a flag for that user & video. 
    25 Once a number of videos have been selected by the user, they can go to a "Burn" page which will display the videos selected. From here, they can click OK, the system will prepare the disk and, once completed, will return a URL to the completed ISO that can be downloaded. 
    27 The downloaded ISO can then be burnt to a DVD on the user's computer, producing a disk that can be played in any standard DVD player. 
    29 The DVD/VCD should have a name (not just untitled) - linked to the name of the site it was downloaded from ideally. 
    31 If possible the DVD/VCD should have a basic menu. 
     10The only functional requirement of the Burnstation prototype is to be able to generate and serve valid DVD 
     11ISO files from Plumi Videos. It is well understood that this is a research project and the end product may have 
     12issues that prevent it from working as expected under some circumstances. The goal is to produce a solid 
     13basis for a production ready system that could follow.