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    1414 * Burnstation to be a standalone service that will consume rss2 video feeds with pointers to vob encoded files and will return dvd iso files 
    1515 * set of components that can be used either in plumi or seperately 
    16  * one component is the burnstation service that gets an xml/rss2 feed and returns the URL of a dvd iso 
    17  * should be usable without any constraints on the CMS that is used in the frontend 
    18  * plone component that adds the "Burn this" action, compiles the feed and calls the burnstation service 
    19  * The input files will have to be vob to avoid having the users wait a long time for the transcoding 
    20  * We need some configuration to the transcode daemon in order to produce vob files on every video upload and to extend plumi in order to generate the above feed, and the appropriate UI to do it 
    21  * Should be 2 eggs on pypi, one of which will be a Plone product 
     17=== Burnstation service === 
     19 * a new component 
     20 * distributed as an egg in pypi 
     21 * takes an xml/rss2 feed and returns the URL of a DVD ISO 
     22 * works with any CMS so long as it is  provided a list of input video files 
     24=== BurnThis Plone component === 
     26 * a new component 
     27 * distributed as an egg in pypi 
     28 * adds the "Burn This" component that: 
     29  * displays a "Burn This" button 
     30  * flags the item for later retrieval (eg: by user) 
     31 * adds the "Start Burn" page that: 
     32  * lists all selected videos 
     33  * generates an XML/RSS2 feed of the selected items 
     34  * calls Burnstation component & passes it the feed 
     36=== Transcoder === 
     38 * Modified transcoder that produces VOB files of all videos as they're transcoded 
     40=== Notes === 
    2242 * and transcode daemon will also be in the full burnstation suite to create the mpeg encoded video files, these should be created on upload so we don't waste time for transcoding when a user asks for an iso