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The system will consist of two basic components:

  • A standalone XML-RPC service that will generate and serve DVD iso files on request. The ISO files could be burned into discs that will play in standard dvd players and will contain the input videos and a basic DVD menu to select which video to play
  • A minimal interface that will allow the users of a Plumi site to select a number of videos and request an DVD iso that contains them, using the above service

The only functional requirement of the Burnstation prototype is to be able to generate and serve valid DVD ISO files from Plumi Videos. It is well understood that this is a research project and the end product may have issues that prevent it from working as expected under some circumstances. The goal is to produce a solid basis for a production ready system that could follow.

Tech Spec

  • Burnstation to be a standalone service that will consume rss2 video feeds with pointers to vob encoded files and will return dvd iso files
  • set of components that can be used either in plumi or seperately

Burnstation service

  • a new component
  • distributed as an egg in pypi
  • takes an xml/rss2 feed and returns the URL of a DVD ISO
  • works with any CMS so long as it is provided a list of input video files

"Burn This" Plone component

  • a new component
  • distributed as an egg in pypi
  • adds the "Burn This" component that:
    • displays a "Burn This" button
    • flags the item for later retrieval (eg: by user)
  • adds the "Start Burn" page that:
    • lists all selected videos
    • generates an XML/RSS2 feed of the selected items
    • calls Burnstation component & passes it the feed


  • Modified transcoder that produces VOB files of all videos as they're transcoded


  • and transcode daemon will also be in the full burnstation suite to create the mpeg encoded video files, these should be created on upload so we don't waste time for transcoding when a user asks for an iso

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