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     1= Production System Design = 
     3Burnstation is currently available as a prototype, proof of concept system. This demonstrates that it is possible to select create a list of videos and produce a DVD ISO image file that can be burned to disk and distributed. It does so in a very basic & minimalist way with a limited user interface and operational restrictions that are not suitable for a production release. 
     5== Development == 
     7To progress the Burnstation prototype into a full production system, the following developmental areas must be addressed: 
     9=== Administration System === 
    110 * Create an admin system for managing queues and settings 
    2  * Create a Plumi style manual (user, admin and geek side) 
     12=== Complete Manual === 
     13 * Progress the current bare-minimum user guide manual to a full Plumi style manual (user, admin and geek side) 
     15=== User Interface Functions === 
    316 * Ability to remove individual items, rather than having to clear the whole queue 
    417 * A dedicated page, rather than a portlet, for managing your disk. 
    518 * Ajaxification of the burnstation portlet. It should automatically refresh when the iso is ready and when the queue is cleared 
    619 * Realtime ISO creation progress indication. 
     20 * Confirmation messages for the user after each action (don't just reset back to the home page) 
     22=== DVD formatting === 
    723 * More control over the generated dvd (titles, thumbnails, menu, chapters, play all, work in VLC on a computer, etc) 
    8  * Confirmation messages for the user after each action (don't just reset back to the home page) 
    924 * Check video titles for error conditions (length, unusual characters, etc) 
     26== Design == 
     28Additionally, the following design issues must be addressed: 
     30=== Supporting VCDs === 
     31 * Is there still a need to produce a disk image formatted to play in VCD systems? Are there any left or have DVDs sufficient market penetration throughout Indonesia & Asia (the primary target for disk distribution) so we can ignore VCDs? 
     33=== Space Requirements === 
     34 * The prototype system's transcoder will create an mpeg2 format file for every video added to the system. For a large production video CMS this could consume large amounts of space for videos that may never get selected for burning to a disk. Should this be an option when transcoding files (eg: only create mpeg2 files for nominated videos) or should the files be created as a video is selected for burning with the acknowledgement that this will slow down creation of the ISO file).