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Burnstation is a product that allows a user to select videos and burn them to a disk to DVD or VCD format, including with the necessary transcoding. Mainly useful for local setups in regions with limited bandwidth and infrastructure, but with the possibility of being networked.

User experience

User clicks on burn it button on video view page, user goes to burn page and clicks ok, user gets a dvd iso with the selected video files, playable in any standard video DVD player

More info required here

Tech Spec

How will the system work?

  • Burnstation to be a standalone service that will consume rss2 video feeds with pointers to vob encoded files and will return dvd iso files
  • The input files will have to be vob to avoid having the users wait a long time for the transcoding
  • We need some configuration to the transcode daemon in order to produce vob files on every video upload and to extend plumi in order to generate the above feed, and the appropriate UI to do it