Plumi Burnstation will be a product that allows a user to select videos and burn them to a DVD format disk with the transcoding required to allow the disk to play in a standard DVD machine. This will primarily be used in local regions with limited bandwidth and infrastructure as well as supporting the spread of content through disk giveaways, bundling, etc.

It is based on the audio "burnstation" concept -

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System Development

The initial release of the Burnstation system will be in the form of a prototype that will allow us to demonstrate that videos stored in a Plumi system can be burnt to a DVD format disk. From the lessons learned with the prototype, a final design will be prepared for the production Burnstation system. This design, a project plan for its implementation and the prototype itself will be the primary deliverables from the initial development project.

You can obtain more information about the prototype project through these pages:

Full Production System

The full (Burnstation production system) will include the following functionality:

  • allow the user to select whether they're burning a DVD or Dual Layer DVD
  • calculate the size of the videos being selected and display how much space remains on the disk before it is full
  • allow the order of videos to be changed before a selection is made into a disk image
  • let user create the menus that display when the disk is loaded