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Welcome to Plumi

Welcome to Plumi

Plumi is a GPL licensed video sharing Content Management System based on  Plone and produced by the  EngageMedia collective. Plumi enables you to create your own sophisticated video sharing site; by adding it to an existing Plone instance you can quickly have a wide array of functionality to facilitate video distribution and community creation.

Update: The first Plumi release is currently expected in mid-July. We're still ironing out a few bugs. You can see an operational version in the meantime at

To stay up to date on Plumi developments you can join the  announce list


On top of the out-of-the-box  Plone functionality Plumi adds the following features:

  • Video uploading in any format (over http)
  • Automatic server-side flash transcoding and embedded playback PlumiIndytube
  • Expanded video metadata set
  • Classifications system into country, genre and topic
  • RSS2 feeds with media enclosures (or "vodcasts") created automatically from taxonomy items - eg country, genre, member, topic, or through creating custom smart folders
  • Tagging
  • Playback of Quicktime, Flash video, Real and Windows Media within the browser
  • Custom templates for browsing videos
  • Custom profile page for site members with personal latest videos vodcast feed
  • Open Content Licensing including Creative Commons (through their API), the GNU Free Documentation License and the ability to add your own custom licenses

Future features will include:

  • Automatic creation and seeding of BitTorrent files upon video upload
  • Large video file delivery
  • Mobile phone uploads and downloads
  • Custom calendar
  • Donations system for contributors and online purchasing
  • Integration with gnutella and other p2p networks
  • Collaborative film production tools

A demo of the package can be seen at Out-of-the-box Plumi however comes with the default Plone skin and some basic templates to build your own design upon.

Further Info

You can get involved in Plumi development by:

  • going to #plumi and #plone4artists at
  • by emailing contact@…
  • by joining the  discussion list
  • by joining the  announce list
  • submitting any bugs or enhancements to our tracker - PLEASE check the listing first to check the issue hasn't already been ticketed.
  • The FAQ


Plumi is produced by  EngageMedia. We're a non-profit organisation and rely on funders and users to support our work. If you'd like to donate to us please visit the  EngageMedia site and click the donate button on the left.