13:02 Ticket #732 (Logos Missing - Step 2 Pubish & CC license chooser) closed by anna
fixed: checked, these are fine.
12:53 Ticket #823 (Video Info Panel Suddenly Too Narrow) created by anna
For some reason the video info panel is way too narrow on the view view …
12:45 Ticket #822 (Make background of Plumi skin white) created by anna
To distinguish it a bit from the EM skin, can Plumi have a background of …
12:43 Ticket #821 (Item Not Found - Sunburst Theme) created by anna
When an item is not found, the Sunburst theme appears instead of the Plumi …
12:40 Ticket #694 (Show Existing Image on Video Edit Form) closed by anna
fixed: done
12:38 Ticket #820 (Bug with script tag) created by anna
A script tag appears here that should not: …
11:26 Ticket #819 (Safari: Info Text Appears On Top of Title) created by anna
For example on Step 2 of the edit form of a video, the title appears on …
11:22 Ticket #818 (Use Plumi favicon not EM favicon) created by anna
11:17 Ticket #322 (Implement Video Upload Progress Bar) closed by anna
fixed: Resolving this, any bugs to be reported individually.
11:16 Ticket #32 (Mobile Friendly Plumi Skin - Viewable on Android and iPhone) closed by anna
07:29 Ticket #817 (CC display issue) created by anna
(CC license was not being displayed as a link to citation - it now is, and …
07:24 Ticket #816 (Problem with Plumi permissions) created by anna
Default permissions allow users to insert videos on the root of the site. …
07:22 Ticket #815 (Add Published Date to Video Listings Rollover) created by anna
Date should be in format e.g. "Jan 12" and sit below the Country. Moved …
07:18 Ticket #814 (Video Thumbnails Too Small and Border) created by anna
Suddenly on EM.org the thumbnails in video listings are too small and have …
07:15 Ticket #813 (Spacing - Title, Byline, Content on Static Pages) created by anna
e.g.  https://www.engagemedia.org/about-us I think what remains to be done …
06:59 Ticket #812 (Member Folder Design Changes) created by anna
E.g.  https://www.engagemedia.org/Members/anna/ What remains to do here …
03:08 Ticket #811 (Change gunicorn to uWSGI) created by anna
Dimo has been making changes to the server in order to address issues …


11:31 Ticket #810 ("Log in" text is not a link on registration > password set page) created by anna
 https://www.engagemedia.org/pwreset_finish On this page "log in" should …


15:36 Ticket #791 (Plumi Blog - About Us - Add Unweb Text) closed by markos
fixed: This is ok


04:14 Ticket #776 (Fullscreen No Longer Works - Embedded Videos) closed by anna
fixed: Tested YT, Vimeo and EM.org embeds here on Wordpress. …
03:24 Ticket #809 (Video File Availability When Item Deleted) created by anna
As the transcoded videos sit outside of Plone, when an item is deleted its …


22:57 Ticket #807 (No download button on videos when viewing on android 4.1.1) created by and


23:37 Ticket #776 (Fullscreen No Longer Works - Embedded Videos) reopened by and
Hey Mike, i'm still getting the same issue on safari, chrome, opera, and …
14:34 Ticket #776 (Fullscreen No Longer Works - Embedded Videos) closed by mike
ready for testing: fullscreen issue fixed on em.org. Are the icons still overlapping on …


09:59 Ticket #721 (Update EM.org & demo.plumi.org to Plumi 4.4 Final) closed by and
09:59 Ticket #785 (Remove views/downloads from iframe) closed by and
09:59 Ticket #721 (Update EM.org & demo.plumi.org to Plumi 4.4 Final) reopened by and
09:59 Ticket #785 (Remove views/downloads from iframe) reopened by and
Looks good. Closing.
09:32 Ticket #785 (Remove views/downloads from iframe) closed by mike
ready for testing
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