16:51 Ticket #790 (Ability to Change Author of Item) created by anna
Trying to change the Owner of this video: …
15:53 Ticket #789 (Review of Video Platforms) created by anna
A review of currently popular / viable video platforms, particularly open …
14:32 Ticket #788 (New Plumi Blog) created by anna
Possibility of doing a re-vamp of the Plumi visual identity and blog when …
14:27 Ticket #787 (Popcorn Integration) created by anna
 http://mozillapopcorn.org/ what is POPCORN? Popcorn makes …
14:09 Ticket #786 (Front Page & Listings - Make More Videos Link Expand Listing) created by anna
The original design for this page was to have the More Videos expand …


23:14 Ticket #785 (Remove views/downloads from iframe) created by and
This is not standard embed behaviour and doesn't make the embed looks as …
10:34 Ticket #393 (Make publish/browse portlets text not images - make translatable) closed by anna
fixed: Ticking this off as these will be in text as per the em.org skin.
10:31 Ticket #760 (Update mediaelement.js) closed by anna
fixed: Has been updated, some issues have improved - e.g. fullscreen on FB.
10:18 Ticket #667 (Links to Transcoded Files) closed by anna
fixed: Solved, these are now appearing in dynamic drop-down menu.
10:02 Ticket #783 (Add 4.4 stable release to Plone.org) closed by anna
invalid:  http://plone.org/products/plumi/releases/4.4-final Its there, added July …
08:08 Ticket #784 (Expose ability to change iframe embed sizes) created by and
Since last week's redesign sprint you can add a width parameter to the …


06:26 Milestone 4.4 .Beta - Video Publishing completed
Release focused on overhaul of video publishing system, including new …
06:26 Milestone 4.4 .RC completed
06:26 Ticket #783 (Add 4.4 stable release to Plone.org) created by and
It doesn't appear to the there.  http://plone.org/products/plumi/releases


12:09 Ticket #779 (Duration Metadata Not Consistently Extracted) created by anna
The current system to extract the duration does not always work, so some …


17:01 Ticket #524 (New Testing Instance & Re-Design Infrastructure Notes) closed by anna
fixed: We have a new testing instance for the new EM skin here: …
17:00 Ticket #460 (Create New Plumi Theme Using diazo) closed by anna
fixed: The skin has been created, it is being developed currently in Github. …
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