17:14 Ticket #776 (Fullscreen No Longer Works - Embedded Videos) created by anna
Try clicking fullscreen on any video on this page: …
17:08 Ticket #732 (Logos Missing - Step 2 Pubish & CC license chooser) reopened by anna
This error remains as before.
17:06 Ticket #529 (Changes to Video Upload & Publish Form) reopened by anna
Testing this on www.engagemedia.org - I found that when I was on page 1 of …
14:13 Ticket #775 (RSS2 Vodcast Issues) created by anna
I tested the RSS2 latest videos feeds in Miro. …


18:03 Ticket #219 (Add Link Back to video/view page on html5 player and flowplayer) closed by mike
ready for testing
06:55 Ticket #732 (Logos Missing - Step 2 Pubish & CC license chooser) closed by mike
ready for testing


18:47 Ticket #529 (Changes to Video Upload & Publish Form) closed by mike
ready for testing: 7 - We now add  http:// if it is missing 9 - If the user submits invalid …


14:04 Ticket #734 (No Stats on Some Videos) closed by dimo
14:00 Ticket #733 (Create New Testing Instance for Plumi (production deployment)) closed by dimo
fixed: testing.plumi.org is now a production deployment. There is also …
13:56 Ticket #723 (Update testing.plumi.org with 4.4b) closed by dimo
13:54 Ticket #755 (WSGI setup) closed by dimo
fixed: We're ok here. If we discover any issues when we deploy for production …


05:21 Ticket #772 (NEW TEMPLATE - Collections) created by and
This may be quite similar to http://plumi.org/ticket/768 but dropping in …


14:28 Ticket #671 (Increase front page feature video size) closed by anna
duplicate: Closing as this is being addressed in wireframes.
14:23 Ticket #770 (NEW NAVIGATION, HEADER & FOOTER) created by anna
Based on wireframes.
14:23 Ticket #769 (BASIC TEMPLATES - All Other Pages) created by anna
A basic design of other pages based on the look & feel, without new …
14:22 Ticket #768 (NEW TEMPLATE - Video Listings) created by anna
For all listings including: - category listings - genre, topic, country & …
14:21 Ticket #767 (Video View Page Template Issues) created by anna
* Other Videos by This Author changes Change to "Other videos by this …
14:20 Ticket #766 (NEW TEMPLATE - Video Upload Form) created by anna
Based on wireframes.
14:03 Milestone 4.4 Final completed
11:44 Ticket #765 (Multiple Video Language Selection) created by anna
When we update the video content type to use Dexterity we should consider …
11:19 Ticket #764 (Tagcloud Refactoring) created by anna
The tagcloud generation takes time for the first time each instance is …
10:25 Ticket #763 (UniSubs - https) closed by anna
duplicate: oops duplicate.
10:23 Ticket #744 (UniSubs menu sits over video player) closed by anna
fixed: yeah cool, updated Safari and this is resolved.
10:10 Ticket #763 (UniSubs - https) created by anna
Follow up with UniSubs? regarding https. Also check with them about any …


11:16 Ticket #761 (Remove Month & Day From Video Content Type Schema) created by anna
To change the date in edit form / video view page from year/month/day to …
09:44 Ticket #760 (Update mediaelement.js) created by anna
Markos to update collective.mediaelement.js with new version :)
09:41 Ticket #664 (Full screen doesn't go totally fullscreen (mediaelement.js)) closed by anna
fixed: Closing this ticket, this issue is resolved.
09:41 Ticket #759 (UniSubs Widget Appears over video in Fullscreen - Safari) created by anna
Seems to be Safari only... …
09:35 Ticket #758 (Check with UniSubs - issues) created by anna
https support - check about this problem - security certificate may scare …
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