07:15 Ticket #633 (Lookup for most viewed and downloaded videos) created by and
Be great to be able to see what are the most viewed and downloaded videos.
07:11 Ticket #525 (Release 4.1 final and update demo.plumi.org) closed by and
07:11 Ticket #525 (Release 4.1 final and update demo.plumi.org) reopened by and
Just realised we never ticked this off.


05:06 Ticket #586 (Plumi Manual Updates for 4.0) reopened by and
Hey Mike, there is a note here …


12:37 Ticket #586 (Plumi Manual Updates for 4.0) closed by mike
05:01 Ticket #632 (Improve transcoder reliability) created by and
Hey Mike/Dimo? - not exactly sure how to write this ticket but relates to …


05:27 Ticket #631 (Use flowplayer version that includes embed button) created by and
So when it's embedded on other sites people can still access the embed …


10:33 Ticket #47 (16:9 Flow player support) reopened by and
Not sure why that closed. Reopening.
10:25 Ticket #47 (16:9 Flow player support) closed by and
fixed: There's been a strong request for this so bumping to 4.2. What do you …


12:44 Ticket #630 (Author page pulling in news/events/callouts that are not made by the ...) created by and
Eg.  http://www.engagemedia.org/author/JamieMUA
12:12 Ticket #629 (Revisit the active members portlet) created by mike
Figure out a faster/better way to gather all the info for the active …
11:02 Ticket #628 (Comments Dates Incorrect on recent comments listing) created by mike
What actually happens is that although the comments are sorted correctly, …
10:42 Ticket #473 (Integrate more elegant captcha system) closed by and
duplicate: Duplicate of http://plumi.org/ticket/614
10:37 Ticket #315 (Re-implement TX metadata atom feed) closed by and
wontfix: TX feed project is really quite dead - closing this.
10:36 Ticket #90 (Debian package for Plumi) closed by and
invalid: Mike says this ticket isn't useful any more.
10:33 Ticket #492 (Extract Callouts from Plumi) closed by and
duplicate: Duplicate of http://plumi.org/ticket/527
10:10 Ticket #472 (Ensure the "Date of First Publication" value is used in an RSS2 feed of ...) closed by and
duplicate: This is a duplicate of  http://www.plumi.org/ticket/615
10:01 Ticket #590 (Integrate Brazilian Portuguese Plumi 4.0 Translation) closed by mike
fixed: Brazilian translations are included on plumi 4.1 so I'm closing this and …
09:47 Ticket #404 (PloneFTP should not run as root) closed by mike
fixed: This was done in 4.1.


10:36 Ticket #627 (Add translation of low/high res options in Indonesian) created by and
Yerry can you translate each of these two lines? Be good to add this into …


15:21 Ticket #626 (Configure continuous integration server for Plumi) created by and
We need a Hudson/Jenkins? build that would automatically run all tests on …
15:19 Ticket #625 (Unit and functional tests for plumi.app & plumi.content) created by and
14:47 Ticket #624 (Display country list by continent) created by mike
The country listing used to be dived by International, Oceania, East Asia, …
14:37 Ticket #623 (make sure plumi.content works as as standalone package with sunburst) created by mike
plumi.content should work as a standalone package and provide the content …
12:47 Milestone 4.1 zFinal completed
12:46 Ticket #622 (Update demo.plumi to 4.2 and run low-res transcode script) created by and
So that when we release people can see the full version.


08:06 Ticket #621 (Error: bittorrent) closed by and
08:03 Ticket #621 (Error: bittorrent) reopened by and


14:10 Ticket #621 (Error: bittorrent) closed by mike
ready for testing
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