11:25 Milestone 4.1 completed
11:24 Milestone 3.1 completed
A bug fix and "low hanging" enhancements focused release.


15:49 Ticket #436 (Update demo.plumi to 3.1-final) closed by dimo
fixed: This was done some time ago


09:03 BurnStation edited by and


05:34 Ticket #443 (Videos frequently not picked up by Transcode.Daemon for transcoding) created by and
We are finding on EngageMedia.org that TD is frequently not picking up new …


08:40 Ticket #434 (Video folder listings not in reverse chronological order) closed by and


02:40 Ticket #442 (Replace images in EditContent section) created by grant
 http://en.flossmanuals.net/bin/edit/Plumi/EditContent describes how to …


13:33 BurnstationPrototypeProjectPlan edited by grant
13:19 BurnstationPrototypeReadMe edited by grant
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03:12 Ticket #441 (Move body text to below Description in "callouts edit form) created by and
Body text (full description) should appear higher up to be more …


12:33 BurnstationPrototypeProjectPlan edited by grant
11:53 BurnstationPrototypeDesign edited by grant
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09:14 Ticket #440 (Make banner specific to topics/genre) created by markos
Browse content page (/taxonomy) and inside pages (video genres, video …


10:40 Ticket #439 (Adding Plumi embed code to wordpress blog or drupal adds cruft and doesn't ...) created by and
When adding the embed code to a WP blog and switching to the visual editor …


00:20 Ticket #438 (Change comments ordering to reverse chronological) created by and
Eg.  http://www.engagemedia.org/recent-comments appears in random order as …


23:11 Plumi4Roadmap edited by and
23:11 Plumi4Roadmap created by and


07:33 Ticket #426 (Change flowplayer size to 400x300) closed by and
07:33 Ticket #426 (Change flowplayer size to 400x300) reopened by and
Just noticed there were somethings in here. This done in demo.plumi. …


23:46 Ticket #437 (Remove language option in step 2 of upload form) created by and
This is producing some problems for us as the indonesian/english versions …
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09:45 PlumiReleaseManagement edited by grant
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03:02 Ticket #436 (Update demo.plumi to 3.1-final) created by and
Last thing to tick off on this milestone.


20:59 Ticket #427 (Featuring a news item removes it from the news listing) closed by dimo
invalid: it was a temporary issue in staging, not a plumi 3.1 bug
20:52 Ticket #428 (Featuring an event removes it from the events listing and it doesn't show ...) closed by dimo
invalid: it was a temporary issue in staging, not a plumi 3.1 bug
09:38 Ticket #435 (Video listings, member video folders and rss1/2 feeds not in reverse ...) created by mike
Merged this ticket in here http://plumi.org/ticket/434
09:37 Ticket #434 (Video folder listings not in reverse chronological order) created by mike
Duplicate of http://plumi.org/ticket/435
09:36 Ticket #433 (Favourites folder defaults to private state - should be public) created by mike
Requirements: * ability for logged-in users to mark content as favourites …
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