19:35 Ticket #396 (Add plone.formwidget.captcha or plone.formwidget.recaptcha to block spam ...) created by and
EngageMedia.org is getting a lot of spam comments in the limited time it's …


03:10 Ticket #395 (Update documentation pages in wiki to reflect 4.0 version and advent of ...) created by and
Much of the documentation for Plumi 3.0 is out of date, both because it …


16:22 HowToInstallPlumiUsingTheBuildout edited by and
16:18 HowToInstallPlumiUsingTheBuildout edited by and


16:45 MigratingEM edited by dimo
15:44 MigratingEM edited by dimo
04:29 MigratingEM edited by grant


19:39 MigratingEM edited by dimo
18:38 Ticket #394 (Uploading warning appears upon translation of video object) closed by dimo
fixed: you can test it at staging.engagemedia.org
18:21 MigratingEM edited by dimo
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05:30 Ticket #145 (Callouts items should be removed from the front page once the due date is ...) closed by pushpa
fixed: Hi, We fixed this issue. We updated the SVN. To fix this we override the …


11:51 Ticket #394 (Uploading warning appears upon translation of video object) created by and
The upload gif and msg You are about to start uploading. Please be …
11:46 Ticket #325 (Enable Translation of Video metadata) closed by and
fixed: This works now, there is one small issue though regarding submission that …


07:25 Ticket #152 (Only published Videos visible in Member's Video Folders) closed by pushpa
07:23 Ticket #343 (Clicking on username, from user search results and author lookups, should ...) closed by pushpa
fixed: We fixed this and we updated the SVN. To Fix this we updated …
06:06 Ticket #393 (Make publish/browse portlets text not images - make translatable) created by and
Currently these links can't be translated. This is part of the redesign.
06:05 Ticket #89 (Indytube Egg process) closed by and
invalid: We are no longer using Indytube so closing this.
05:57 Ticket #212 (Can't Delete Videos, in Plumi 0.2.x) closed by and
invalid: Move this to EM.org tracker. This is not a Plumi specific issue.
05:50 Ticket #392 (Progress bar for transcoding) created by dimo
It would be great to have a bar displaying the progress of the transcoding …
05:50 LocalArchivesCampTechNotes edited by grant
05:41 Ticket #26 (Managers Make Any Items Private - Content Pulling Made Easy) closed by dimo
fixed: fixed in 3.0
05:40 LocalArchivesCampTechNotes edited by grant
05:37 Ticket #388 (Do not allow Plumi to accept BMP format thumbnails) closed by dimo
fixed: fixed in 3.0. bmp's are automatically converted to jpeg
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05:16 LocalArchivesCampTechNotes created by grant
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04:38 Ticket #391 (Create iTunes compatible vodcast feed) created by and
iTunes only displays items in a vodcast feed if it is in an itunes …
04:17 Ticket #370 (Add buffer on flash player) closed by and
invalid: This is a site by site config issue and will also be solved by having high …
04:05 Ticket #244 (Release buildout project via collective.releaser) closed by and
fixed: Dimo says this is being done via jaren.mkrelease now. Closing. …
04:02 MigratingEM edited by grant
03:41 Ticket #234 (Add hit counter for videos) closed by and
duplicate: Closing this - it's a duplicate of http://plumi.org/ticket/111. Referring …
03:11 Ticket #365 (Page margins go over edge of borders) closed by and
fixed: looks good, ticking off.
03:10 Ticket #351 (Remove "callouts" from taxonomy page) closed by and
03:06 Ticket #361 (Place language/location options under Country in step 2) closed by and
fixed: looks good, ticking off.
03:04 Ticket #380 (Place logout link at the far right) closed by and
fixed: Great pushpa, signing off.


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12:07 Ticket #390 (Ability to sort content by rating) created by and
Add content item ratings into the catalog to enable the ability (for …


15:52 Ticket #373 (Indonesian translated folders being loaded into left nav) closed by and
15:52 Ticket #373 (Indonesian translated folders being loaded into left nav) reopened by and
This is a migration issue that has been resolve. Closing.
15:50 Ticket #369 (Test and ensure all core functionality works) closed by and
fixed: I believe I have tested this all and can confirm all the core …
15:47 Ticket #379 (Video, news, events, callouts folders not appearing in member folder view) closed by and
fixed: This is done. Ticking off.
15:25 FeatureTesting edited by and
11:36 Ticket #383 (Auto extracted thumbnail doesn't appear as a splash image on flash player) closed by dimo
11:34 Ticket #384 (Non-relevant folders created in left nav on migration) closed by dimo
wontfix: it's probably easier and safer to simply delete them by hand
11:33 Ticket #290 (MIME type not being detected correctly in migrated content) closed by dimo


10:54 Milestone 3.0-RC2 completed
05:34 Ticket #389 (Customise banner for collections) created by grant
When creating a collections it'd be great to be able to add a custom …


15:08 Ticket #388 (Do not allow Plumi to accept BMP format thumbnails) created by grant
FlowPlayer? will break when it is asked to display a video that has been …


17:33 Ticket #387 (SVN and tarball differ) closed by mike
fixed: Yeah I've made a small commit, but I forgot I had already sent and the …


19:20 Ticket #387 (SVN and tarball differ) created by jimby
Hello all, I sent an email about this issue earlier, but here is a ticket …
03:11 Ticket #386 (Embed code not available in latest-v) closed by and
03:11 Ticket #386 (Embed code not available in latest-v) reopened by and
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