06:09 HowToInstallPlumiUsingTheBuildout edited by vik
05:51 Ticket #281 (Move plumi buildout svn to the plone collective) closed by vik
05:50 Ticket #274 (Upgrade buildout to Plone 3.3.x) closed by vik
fixed: New buildout created at …
05:47 HowToInstallPlumiUsingTheBuildout edited by vik
05:13 HowToInstallPlumiUsingTheBuildout edited by vik


08:04 Ticket #277 (publishing video breaks frontpage video display) closed by and
invalid: I just tested the latest code at  http://latest-v.plumi.org/ and this …
07:32 Ticket #287 (Embedded playback not working in plumi 3) created by vik
Need to add templates and supporting functions etc to make embedded …


05:10 Ticket #286 (Test and ensure all core functionality works) created by and
List of functionality to test is here http://plumi.org/wiki/FeatureTesting
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05:08 FeatureTesting created by and
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04:59 Ticket #267 (events posting categories display error) closed by and
invalid: This doesn't look like an error to me, the site just needs categories …


10:39 Ticket #285 (Integrate new design) created by and
Ideally 3.0 would include the basic design upgrade that Kaho has been …


09:10 Ticket #284 (make "date of production" go back to 1960) created by and
moving this from the EM track as it seems more relevant here.
08:49 Ticket #270 (signup message error) closed by and
invalid: this is core plone, not plumi, invalidating.
08:48 Ticket #19 (Auto Transcoding and Embedded Playback of Ogg Theora Files) closed by and
duplicate: duplicated by html5 ticket
08:37 Ticket #249 (Embedding a video from EngageMedia.org in a news item doesn't work in ...) closed by and
02:26 Ticket #283 (Promote Plumi 3.0 release) created by and
Ensure the release is promoted on - EngageMedia.org - blog.plumi.org - …
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