16:31 Ticket #266 (add to favourites) reopened by and
This is for testing on Plumi 3 on plone 3. testing.plumi.org is on 2.5.
11:26 Ticket #280 (html switch in editor only works once) created by barry
you can switch from the visual editor to html and back only once - after …
11:05 Ticket #266 (add to favourites) closed by barry
ready for testing: ok, this seems to work on testing.plumi.org. must be a config error.
10:49 Ticket #190 (bug in flowplayer 2.2.4) closed by barry
fixed: tested, cannot replicate.


15:28 Ticket #279 (after using translation option, cannot reset user language to english) created by barry
after using translation option, cannot reset user language to english
14:42 Ticket #278 (Faceted Search with multimedia features) created by bslash@…
Eg so you could search for videos under a particular cc license, from a …
14:28 Ticket #277 (publishing video breaks frontpage video display) created by barry
publishing a video makes videos on front page disappear
13:57 Ticket #276 (translation submission throws insufficient priviledges error) created by barry
on submission of translation, following error given Insufficient …
13:51 Ticket #275 (social network buttons displaying twice) created by barry
buttons to share content on digg etc display twice on submitted videos
11:51 Ticket #273 (Cyberduck (OSX) not working with Plumi FTP) closed by and
fixed: i tested this also and it seems fine, sounds like it was a cyberduck …
11:47 Ticket #273 (Cyberduck (OSX) not working with Plumi FTP) reopened by barry
someone test on another machine? You will need …
11:42 Ticket #273 (Cyberduck (OSX) not working with Plumi FTP) closed by barry
fixed: this is an error in cyberduck, which has been fixed in the latest release: …


13:00 Milestone 3.0-beta completed
Migration script for Plone 2.5 sites running Plumi to new Plone 3 Plumi …
10:55 Ticket #274 (Upgrade buildout to Plone 3.3.x) created by vik
Change to use the latest stable version of Plone, 3.3.x, and upgrade …


02:56 Ticket #273 (Cyberduck (OSX) not working with Plumi FTP) created by and
Cyberduck throws errors on the FTP system. Failures The last action could …
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