17:38 Ticket #272 (i18n translation machinary in plumi.app fails on installing on fresh plone ...) created by andycat
log of install failure follows […] As per …


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05:57 Ticket #271 (Complete plumi.mediahost egg and upload to pypi) created by andycat
plumi.mediahost egg product is the network wrapper for the …


08:36 Ticket #265 (content licensing API) closed by barry
08:33 Ticket #270 (signup message error) created by barry
signup message asks: Send a mail with the password? Should read 'send an …
08:31 Ticket #269 (Finalise plumi.migration egg issues and upload to pypi.) created by andycat
Finish the plumi.migration egg , and upload initial release to pypi
08:22 Ticket #268 (Integrate new transcoding system into Plumi) created by barry
Integrate new transcoding system into Plumi developed at Plone/Video?
08:21 Ticket #267 (events posting categories display error) created by barry
when posting an event, the categories box displays incorrectly
08:19 Ticket #266 (add to favourites) created by barry
no add to favourite button/link appears
08:18 Ticket #265 (content licensing API) created by barry
no option given for CC licensing during upload, defaults to site-wide CC …
08:16 Ticket #264 (Video downloading doesn't work) created by barry
No link appears to download the video from and going direct to the URL …
08:11 Ticket #263 (RSS2 not working) created by barry
RSS2 not working, clicking on a rss2 link gives the following error …
06:42 Milestone 0.3alpha - Plumi to Plone 3 completed
Upgrade to Plone 3 and buildout development style.
06:31 Ticket #227 (Fix submit form back to three-step process) closed by andycat
fixed: The form is working from a content type's perspective. Closing this …
04:52 Ticket #262 (Some content not migrating correctly) created by vik
There is visible markup in: …


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07:06 Ticket #88 (GSXML import export functionality) closed by andycat
duplicate: We are not using GSXML as the import/export approach This is duplicated …


00:48 Ticket #261 (Add 'video language' to video meta-data) created by vik
Having data on what the primary language of a video is would be useful. In …


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11:36 Ticket #240 (Plumi 0.3 alpha release to fix) closed by andycat
fixed: try alpha2 :) Video view is working now.
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