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07:06 Ticket #88 (GSXML import export functionality) closed by andycat
duplicate: We are not using GSXML as the import/export approach This is duplicated …


00:48 Ticket #261 (Add 'video language' to video meta-data) created by vik
Having data on what the primary language of a video is would be useful. In …


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05:27 Plumi3.0WorkPlan created by andycat
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11:36 Ticket #240 (Plumi 0.3 alpha release to fix) closed by andycat
fixed: try alpha2 :) Video view is working now.


05:53 Ticket #260 (No thumbnail images on front page for featured/latest videos) closed by andycat
fixed: done in SVN for plumi.skin


08:09 Ticket #260 (No thumbnail images on front page for featured/latest videos) created by and
05:34 Ticket #259 (Increase ease of adding additional files/links to video objects) created by and
Many videos would benefit from having additional media associated with …
05:30 Ticket #258 (Put related items functionality back into video objects) created by and
05:27 Ticket #257 (Create more sophisticated search fuctionality and the ability to make ...) created by and
Eg so you could search for videos under a particular cc license, from a …
05:17 Ticket #256 (In browse videos template specify the no. of videos in each listing) created by and
A new revised browse videos template should indicate the no. of videos in …
05:10 Ticket #255 (Make comments include name of content item they are commenting on) created by and
Many comment titles (eg. nice one) aren't very descriptive and don't …


07:58 Ticket #254 (No RSS feed for comments) created by and
This may be fixed in the updated version but it would be nice if you could …
07:42 Ticket #253 (Look at Critical Commons features and see what could be brought into Plumi ...) created by and
There are a bunch of funky features in  http://criticalcommons.org that …
07:29 Ticket #252 (Develop a system to allow text/audio/file based content to be attached to ...) created by and
The thinking here is that quite often there might be supporting material …
07:17 Ticket #251 (Design an admin area for managing content) created by and
Currently dealing with the content coming into a Plumi site is less than …
07:09 Ticket #250 (Enable LinguaPlone for video items) created by and
Enable the translation of the metadata in video objects using LinguaPlone?.
07:09 Ticket #249 (Embedding a video from EngageMedia.org in a news item doesn't work in ...) created by and
Nothing comes up though the code is there in the html
07:04 Ticket #247 (Ability to add upload image in news report as a single step) closed by and
fixed: just checked plone3 and this is already working
06:54 Ticket #248 (On Step 2, CC license "Choose License" link, when you hover, the mouse ...) created by and
06:48 Ticket #247 (Ability to add upload image in news report as a single step) created by and
Currently if you want to add an image to a news report you must separately …
06:46 Ticket #246 (Kupu editor make the image dissapear if you try to place the image in a ...) created by and
06:27 Ticket #173 (AttributeError: REQUEST) closed by and


12:18 Ticket #245 (migrate demo.plumi.org to plumi 3.0-final) created by andycat
Upgrade the demo plumi site to the 3.0-final release once the release is …
12:15 Ticket #241 (Upload new plumi eggs to pypi) closed by andycat
fixed: marking as done. The changing of the buildout.cfg to use pinned versions …
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06:16 Ticket #244 (Release buildout project via collective.releaser) created by andycat
Follow the steps under "Releasing the project" at …
05:48 Functionality edited by andycat


06:41 Ticket #243 (Fix plumi.content doctests) created by andycat
Currently we only have doctests for plumi.content egg, and they fail. …


06:12 Ticket #242 (Make plumiftp egg python 2.4 compatiable) closed by vik
fixed: Fixed in ftpwrapper-0.2.1, now in pypi (also as 0.3, due to me not …
02:21 Ticket #242 (Make plumiftp egg python 2.4 compatiable) created by andycat
from buildout process in plumi 3 […]


07:12 Ticket #41 (Test Software Using Selenium) closed by vik
07:06 Ticket #63 (Change Video View Template to Offer Small Ogg Download "Download Lo-Res ...) closed by vik
wontfix: Closing this ticket; this will be rolled into use of the video tag (ticket …
06:40 Ticket #77 (Ratings) closed by vik
duplicate: Ratings has been implemented in plumi 3.0 via the ContentRatings? product; …
06:31 Ticket #185 (Add Blog Product) closed by vik
wontfix: Plumi 3.0 pulls in the blog product Quills as part of the buildout …
06:21 Ticket #241 (Upload new plumi eggs to pypi) created by andycat
Upload the inital versions of Plumi eggs to pypi. Modify buildout.cfg to …
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06:04 Ticket #233 (plumi.* eggs -- initial development) closed by andycat
fixed: All 5 plumi eggs created now, in SVN, and added to the buildout svn.
05:24 DevelopmentReleases edited by vik
updated for new versioning system 0.3->3.0 (diff)
05:02 Ticket #229 (Licensing broken in upload form) closed by andycat
04:59 Ticket #228 (Taxonomy not working for browsing) closed by andycat
fixed: Fixed in SVN …
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