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Add a counter for each video object showing how many times it has been …


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merge PlumiSkin? into plumi.skin Fix installation bugs - just enough to …


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wontfix: All you need to do is upload a video, and feature it. ie set one of the …
01:54 Ticket #232 (No embedded Featured video on front page) created by datakid
I've noticed this before, and Anggi from Kampung Halamman has also asked …


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fixed: http://plumi.org/browser/plumi-buildout-plone3/trunk?rev=895 contains a …
14:48 Ticket #220 (Remove Line Break from Indytube template - <object> tag) closed by andycat
fixed: fixed http://plumi.org/changeset/892/ on branch 'plumi-0.2.x' of indytube …
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