23:48 Ticket #220 (Remove Line Break from Indytube template - <object> tag) created by anna
specifically, this …


06:06 Ticket #219 (Add Link Back to video/view page on html5 player and flowplayer) created by anna


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12:14 Ticket #68 (Indytube / Flowplayer Does Not Go Fullscreen on Opera 9.23 / Mac OS ...) closed by datakid
fixed: tested on ubuntu intrepid with opera 9.63. Works fine in fullscreen.
12:07 Milestone 0.2.3 completed
12:06 Ticket #217 (Testing) closed by andycat
11:54 Ticket #166 (comment: unsupported operand type) closed by datakid
fixed: I have submitted a comment on demo.plumi.org successfully, this can be …
10:07 Ticket #53 (Move video product to Zope3) closed by andycat
duplicate: This is implied by all the other plone 3 tickets. closing as 'duplicate'
09:56 Ticket #165 (addtoFavorites: UnicodeEncodeError) closed by andycat
fixed: Denis said its fixed ? I think i can close it then. Re-open it if im …
09:52 Ticket #163 (vpip still don't work) closed by andycat
invalid: marking this as invalid - FLV dont need to be played by via VPIP, but via …
09:51 Ticket #96 (plumi doesn't play flv files using vpip keyword) closed by andycat
fixed: Latest version of Plumi 0.2.3-rc4 (about to release 0.2.3-final) has a …
07:24 Ticket #218 (Promote 0.2.3-final) created by anna
Update blog, wiki with latest release info. Email announce and discuss …
07:23 Ticket #217 (Testing) created by anna
Test install of latest release. Plumi 0.2.3-rc4 Test …
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23:48 Ticket #72 (Spec Out Fundraising & Micro Payments) reopened by anna
13:16 HowToInstallPlumiUsingTheBuildout edited by datakid


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07:48 Ticket #195 (don't show rss feed on events and news) closed by andycat
07:22 Ticket #216 (Video Publishing Via SFTP - Plumi Dev) closed by anna
02:45 Ticket #216 (Video Publishing Via SFTP - Plumi Dev) created by anna
Two tickets - one here on Plumi for the necessary Plumi dev, and another …
02:41 Ticket #215 (Ability to feature site members) created by anna
Make a news item with keyword "featured-member", add content to this item …
02:21 Ticket #214 (Migration script for Plone 2.5/Plumi 0.2.x sites to Plone 3.x/Plumi 0.3.x ...) created by anna
02:02 Ticket #196 (template.include.cortado) closed by andycat
fixed: http://plumi.org/changeset/475/indytube fixed.


10:27 Ticket #213 (Implement Firefogg support) created by andycat
 http://firefogg.org/dev/index.html uploading/encoding FF 3.1 plugin


00:07 Ticket #130 (Audio/Video Sync Problems With Auto-Transcoding) closed by anna
fixed: This has been running for some time now with no problems AFAIK, so ticking …


15:16 IndyTube edited by datakid
added documentation regards the transcoding of same named files, see … (diff)
15:08 Ticket #204 (Indytube doesnt work with the videos with the same name, but different ...) closed by datakid
fixed: Seems to be working for me too - nice one bro. …
14:26 Documentation edited by datakid
added link to IndyTube (diff)
14:22 Ticket #198 (FLV transcoding) closed by datakid
fixed: worked for me too: …
09:53 Ticket #197 (Too many emails sent to reviewers, when news or events content item ...) closed by datakid
fixed: One email to reviewers, one to the content creator, seems like a …
07:19 Ticket #205 (Can't Add or Edit Callouts - Error on Saving a New Callout or Editing an ...) closed by datakid
fixed: works for me, both publishing and then retracting, editing and …
06:19 Ticket #202 ("News" Genre Not Available in Video Edit Template) closed by datakid
fixed: all looks good to me


09:58 Ticket #203 (Spelling Mistake in Step 3 of Video Edit Form) closed by datakid
fixed: code looks good, but I tested in browser as well, all good.
08:50 Ticket #199 (new CallOut URL attribute is displayed in template even if nothing was ...) closed by datakid
fixed: tested in testing.em: With url: …


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fixed links to docs - andycat moved them when cleaning up but this wasn't … (diff)


02:44 Ticket #212 (Can't Delete Videos, in Plumi 0.2.x) created by anna
When I try to delete a video such as this one: …
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