23:08 Ticket #206 (Include HTML5 video player in rss or atom feed) created by and
This idea has come up in a few different context but predominantly stems …


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13:09 StreamingVideo created by andycat


04:41 Ticket #205 (Can't Add or Edit Callouts - Error on Saving a New Callout or Editing an ...) created by anna
This error was found by Jose. I checked it, and experienced the same …


18:38 Ticket #204 (Indytube doesnt work with the videos with the same name, but different ...) created by andycat
Indytube breaks if a user uploads "myvideo.mov" and "myvideo.avi" because …


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07:15 Ticket #203 (Spelling Mistake in Step 3 of Video Edit Form) created by anna
This line: Upload your media file. If you require assitance compressing or …
07:10 Ticket #202 ("News" Genre Not Available in Video Edit Template) created by anna
The News genre has been added to the taxonomy, but is not available in the …


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06:52 Ticket #201 (Assertion error in plumi buildout on Ubuntu) closed by datakid
fixed: ok, needed to have python2.4-dev installed, not just python-dev. Seems to …
06:25 Ticket #201 (Assertion error in plumi buildout on Ubuntu) created by datakid
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invalid: moved to EngageMedia.org Trac
01:25 Ticket #200 (Add International Videos Portlet - front page) created by anna
Add a portlet that shows only published videos in the International …
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