07:33 Ticket #177 (OperationalError: database is locked) closed by andycat
07:27 Ticket #23 (Modify video upload form to be based on transmission metadata standard) closed by andycat
duplicate: closing duplicate of http://plumi.org/ticket/182
07:25 Ticket #7 (rss2 does not contain content licensing metadata) closed by andycat
duplicate: closing - superseded by  http://www.plumi.org/ticket/148
07:04 Ticket #180 (Add country to video listing template) closed by andycat
fixed:  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/74055
07:02 Ticket #178 (Make Workflow Consistent - Make All Content Pending on Save) closed by andycat
fixed:  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/74055
06:55 Ticket #65 (Make Thumbnail Splash Image with Button Overlay on Flash Player) closed by andycat
fixed: http://plumi.org/changeset/364/indytube
06:47 Ticket #108 (Add the ability to include the flash player of the featured video item on ...) closed by andycat
fixed:  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/74055


02:24 Ticket #183 (Make Re-Transcode Messages on Video View Template Available Only to ...) closed by andycat
fixed:  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/73967


20:19 Ticket #187 (Stable upload for large files) created by denis
For larges files, upload via http is not the most stable, perhaps it would …


07:27 Ticket #186 (Use default countries available in Plone, rather than SE Asia only) created by anna
Plumi developers would prefer to have all countries available by default, …
04:47 Ticket #185 (Add Blog Product) created by anna
This is something I think will increase videomakers investment in our …
04:09 Ticket #184 (Make Configlet to Control Option for Revealing ReTranscode Messages to ...) created by anna
Give Plumi devs the option of switching this easily.
04:07 Ticket #183 (Make Re-Transcode Messages on Video View Template Available Only to ...) created by anna
Have moved this over from EngageMedia specific tracker. Have also added a …


04:49 Ticket #182 (TX Metadata - review and release) created by and
Check the TX feed and the upload form and check that we're in sync with …


12:13 Ticket #181 (Make adding a thumbnail compulsory) created by and
On EM at least many videos get uploaded without a thumbnail making a …


04:18 Ticket #180 (Add country to video listing template) created by and
Eg.  http://demo.plumi.org/latestvideos Currently the topic category is …
04:16 Ticket #179 (Video Listings - put video duration under summary, not above) created by and
Video summary meta-data is currently displayed like this in the video …
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