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04:19 Ticket #72 (Spec Out Fundraising & Micro Payments) closed by anna
invalid: Put in a new ticket with a simplified version of the donations to …
04:13 Ticket #153 (Producer Donations - Add PayPal Account to Profile, List on Video View and ...) created by anonymous
Add a simple implementation of a system for donations to producers. Those …
03:55 Ticket #143 (Add ability to feature a call out) closed by andycat
fixed: http://plumi.org/ticket/21 duplicate
03:19 Ticket #71 (Investigate ATBlobField) closed by andycat
fixed: http://plumi.org/ticket/136 is the latest word.
02:54 Ticket #15 (add FAQ doc file) closed by andycat
fixed: covered by  http://blog.plumi.org/support/
01:44 Milestone 0.2 completed
A minor enhancements and bug fix focussed milestone.
00:20 Ticket #24 (Add atom feeds) closed by andycat


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04:10 Ticket #152 (Only published Videos visible in Member's Video Folders) created by datakid
When publishing videos to a Members folder we should be able to see all …
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14:20 Ticket #36 (Shorten text area for Tags in step 2 of video upload form) closed by andycat
fixed: Did u try it on a plumi site , for instance? Its a plumi ticket. As you …
08:35 Ticket #151 (Use a multimodal player) created by yurj
Hi! Instead of FlowPlayer?, why not use the Alessio Cartocci Player? …
02:42 Ticket #150 (rss2 broken in itunes) created by and
Itunes doesn't recognise the plumi rss2 feed. (sorry, short on details …
01:43 Ticket #36 (Shorten text area for Tags in step 2 of video upload form) reopened by and


22:35 Ticket #149 (featured event adds text place holder when there is no image) created by and
if no thumbnail is included in a news or event item a text place holder is …


02:24 Ticket #28 (insure full itunes rss2/atom compatability) closed by and
invalid: duplicate - this ticket is better expressed here …
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23:55 Ticket #87 (Upgrade using to BlobField for video product.) closed by andycat
duplicate: http://plumi.org/ticket/136 is the lastest word on the issue.
23:50 Ticket #102 (Plumi doesn't handle big files well) closed by andycat
duplicate: http://plumi.org/ticket/87
23:40 Ticket #39 (Description should wrap around flash player in video/view page) closed by and
invalid: this was based on the design previous to the template changes, no longer …
23:26 Ticket #131 (Put the favicon into the default plumi skin) closed by and
fixed: afaik this is done. closing
18:41 Ticket #95 (rss2 feeds times-out in miro/itunes/firefox) closed by andycat
worksforme: moved outstanding issues here: http://plumi.org/ticket/148 in milestone …
18:39 Ticket #148 (validate RSS2 feed / implement Tx metadata / fix in Safari, iTunes) created by andycat
The RSS2 view has been re-implemented to be faster (only using catalog …
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18:11 Ticket #142 (Pick out exceptions from EngageMedia's site running 0.2rc3) closed by andycat
fixed: submitted new ticket - http://plumi.org/ticket/147 closing this one
18:10 Ticket #147 (RSS2 view has unicode error) created by andycat
unicode errors -  http://www.engagemedia.org/Members/stimulator/videos/RSS2
17:25 Ticket #36 (Shorten text area for Tags in step 2 of video upload form) closed by andycat
fixed:  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/57874
17:09 Ticket #117 (Make video_listing_view available as a view option) closed by andycat
fixed: Tested on local laptop - works on new buildout of svn plumi closing ticket
16:27 Ticket #146 (documentation build debian package) closed by andycat
fixed: http://plumi.org/changeset/306/
16:17 Ticket #140 (callouts/video/events/news folders have no name in left nav when a new ...) closed by andycat
fixed:  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/57104 commited to trunk this …
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12:51 Ticket #146 (documentation build debian package) created by denis@…
http://plumi.org/browser/plumi-debian/trunk/BUILD_DEB Should be added the …


06:59 Ticket #107 (Tag Cloud Portlet Font Size Too Large) closed by anna
invalid: anonymous: read the ticket lazy ass! this ticket was already made invalid, …
06:33 Ticket #107 (Tag Cloud Portlet Font Size Too Large) reopened by anonymous
You idiot!!! Fix it lazy ass.
06:20 Ticket #145 (Callouts items should be removed from the front page once the due date is ...) created by and.
ATM the callout items stay on the front page until they are bumped off. …
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updated the page to reflect move from tag cloud explorer to vaporisation (diff)


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Special page for svn releases, this can be "stablised" at any point when …
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created page
01:22 Ticket #144 (PressRoom fails to install) closed by datakid
fixed: This has been fixed, closing. I went to find the changeset, but it was …


05:51 Ticket #144 (PressRoom fails to install) created by datakid
When installing on a fresh Plone installation on Ubuntu Gutsy …


08:53 Ticket #143 (Add ability to feature a call out) created by anonymous
As per news/events, add the ability to feature a call out.


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