18:11 Ticket #142 (Pick out exceptions from EngageMedia's site running 0.2rc3) closed by andycat
fixed: submitted new ticket - http://plumi.org/ticket/147 closing this one
18:10 Ticket #147 (RSS2 view has unicode error) created by andycat
unicode errors -  http://www.engagemedia.org/Members/stimulator/videos/RSS2
17:25 Ticket #36 (Shorten text area for Tags in step 2 of video upload form) closed by andycat
fixed:  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/57874
17:09 Ticket #117 (Make video_listing_view available as a view option) closed by andycat
fixed: Tested on local laptop - works on new buildout of svn plumi closing ticket
16:27 Ticket #146 (documentation build debian package) closed by andycat
fixed: http://plumi.org/changeset/306/
16:17 Ticket #140 (callouts/video/events/news folders have no name in left nav when a new ...) closed by andycat
fixed:  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/57104 commited to trunk this …
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12:51 Ticket #146 (documentation build debian package) created by denis@…
http://plumi.org/browser/plumi-debian/trunk/BUILD_DEB Should be added the …


06:59 Ticket #107 (Tag Cloud Portlet Font Size Too Large) closed by anna
invalid: anonymous: read the ticket lazy ass! this ticket was already made invalid, …
06:33 Ticket #107 (Tag Cloud Portlet Font Size Too Large) reopened by anonymous
You idiot!!! Fix it lazy ass.
06:20 Ticket #145 (Callouts items should be removed from the front page once the due date is ...) created by and.
ATM the callout items stay on the front page until they are bumped off. …
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updated the page to reflect move from tag cloud explorer to vaporisation (diff)


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Special page for svn releases, this can be "stablised" at any point when …
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created page
01:22 Ticket #144 (PressRoom fails to install) closed by datakid
fixed: This has been fixed, closing. I went to find the changeset, but it was …


05:51 Ticket #144 (PressRoom fails to install) created by datakid
When installing on a fresh Plone installation on Ubuntu Gutsy …


08:53 Ticket #143 (Add ability to feature a call out) created by anonymous
As per news/events, add the ability to feature a call out.


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16:09 Ticket #142 (Pick out exceptions from EngageMedia's site running 0.2rc3) created by andycat
EM's production server was updated to 0.2rc about 2 weeks. Go through the …
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