23:47 Ticket #84 (Design Plumi Wordpress) closed by and
fixed: this is done, we just need to point the urls to it. it can be seen at …
17:23 IndyTube edited by andycat
17:21 TransCoding edited by andycat
17:21 IndyTube edited by andycat
05:15 Ticket #48 (fav.ico) closed by and
duplicate: this is a duplicate and also exists here http://plumi.org/ticket/131


10:17 Ticket #132 (enable the ability to upload a transcript, aka subtitle, and make it ...) created by add transcript upload field to video publish form
it would be able nice to upload a transcript of a video in format .srt, …


07:35 Sites edited by and
07:33 2007/12/05/07.31 edited by and
07:31 2007/12/05/07.31 created by and
04:55 Ticket #131 (Put the favicon into the default plumi skin) created by datakid
I've uploaded the favicon to blog.plumi.org, and I will attach it here. …


06:34 TranscodingErrors created by anna
06:31 TransCoding edited by anna
06:13 Ticket #130 (Audio/Video Sync Problems With Auto-Transcoding) created by anna
Some file formats (particularly wmv and avi) are not being handled well by …


11:02 Ticket #129 (Improve flash html code to be more compliant and cross browser) created by yurj@…
read this:  http://www.alistapart.com/articles/flashsatay/ the author …


01:47 Ticket #128 (New Editor Role To Edit/Delete ATEngageVideo, News, Events and Callouts ...) created by anna
We have found on EngageMedia.org that the Reviewer role does not have all …


14:58 Ticket #113 (add "news report" as a genre in the genres taxonomy) closed by andycat
fixed:  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/53913
10:23 Ticket #117 (Make video_listing_view available as a view option) created by trollfot
The template "video_listing_view" needs to be available for the topics and …
10:22 Ticket #116 (Redesign the Callout template) created by trollfot
* Wrap image on the right hand side * Remove "IMAGE" title * Remove link …
10:16 Ticket #99 (2.5.4 upgrade CSS issues) closed by trollfot
fixed: Then, I close this ticket :)


17:09 Ticket #114 (Enhance indytube to produce audio only streams, as well as thumbnails) created by andycat
It should be quite straight forward to produce audio only tracks, as well …
16:04 Ticket #110 (apply security hotfix) closed by andycat
fixed: I have this in SVN here http://plumi.org/changeset/275/ closing this …
03:46 Ticket #113 (add "news report" as a genre in the genres taxonomy) created by anonymous


14:02 Ticket #112 (can´t access plone after installing plumi from svn) closed by andycat
invalid: Use a stable version If you are using SVN, you are on your own.


04:25 Ticket #112 (can´t access plone after installing plumi from svn) created by mictlan.tecutli.0@…
hi. i have a clean plone install on debian etch. it works until i install …
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