12:44 Ticket #100 (Add class .videoitemtop to catagory and location item in callouts template) closed by and
12:37 EmbeddedPlayback edited by and
12:36 Functionality edited by and
07:24 Ticket #100 (Add class .videoitemtop to catagory and location item in callouts template) created by and
This will enable us to keep the style consistent with the video/video …
04:04 Ticket #99 (2.5.4 upgrade CSS issues) created by anonymous
* news and events header on index_html is no longer bold * news and …


07:04 Ticket #98 (RSS1 Links to Video File Instead of Video_View Page) created by anna
 http://www.engagemedia.org/latestvideos/RSS (OR …


21:57 Ticket #97 (Make Plumi compatible with Miro player search bar) created by andycat
text from …
15:49 Ticket #96 (plumi doesn't play flv files using vpip keyword) created by yurj
check:  http://demo.plumi.org/Members/yurj/videos/20051210-w50s.flv/view


10:32 Ticket #95 (rss2 feeds times-out in miro/itunes/firefox) created by and
In Miro, iTunes and Firefox rss2 feeds load very slowly and often timing …
10:22 Ticket #94 (Upgrade to 2.5.4) created by and
2.4.5 fixes an important bug that hogs a lot of memory …
01:45 download edited by and


13:03 Ticket #91 (Investigate ZEO clustering) created by andycat
configurations for splitting the portal_catalog object into one ZEO …
13:02 Ticket #90 (Debian package for Plumi) created by pabs
Investigate producing a Debian package for Plumi, using the 'plone-site' …
12:34 Ticket #89 (Indytube Egg process) created by anonymous
Indytube is now in a python Egg http://plumi.org/browser/indytube/trunk
12:01 Ticket #88 (GSXML import export functionality) created by anonymous
Investigate GSXML as a way to import / export objects from the ZODB so we …
11:59 Ticket #87 (Upgrade using to BlobField for video product.) created by anonymous
Upgrade to ATBlobField using the migration path developed. …
11:58 Ticket #86 (Replace TagCloudExplorer with other products) created by anonymous
Possibly vapourisation -  http://plone.org/products/vaporisation which is a …
11:52 Ticket #85 (Upgrade to ContentLicensing Plone 3 branch) created by anonymous
07:05 Ticket #84 (Design Plumi Wordpress) created by anna
 http://blog.plumi.org The structure of the wordpress site is all there. …


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12:03 IndyTube created by andycat
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09:25 Ticket #83 (Upgrade to latest version of ContentLicensing (1.0.5 rc 2)) created by andycat
This new version contains the fix , so we can track a properly released …


06:22 Documentation edited by datakid


10:36 Ticket #69 (Add "call for submissions" link, icon and text into /publish page and ...) reopened by and
for plumi in fact you need to add a new gif such as …


21:11 Ticket #62 (Change alt-text on Plumi chiclet) closed by andycat
21:07 Ticket #69 (Add "call for submissions" link, icon and text into /publish page and ...) closed by andycat
19:15 Ticket #66 (Callouts Content Item) closed by andycat


05:54 Ticket #80 (New users dont have 'listed' property set to True) closed by andycat
fixed:  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/50236


05:02 Ticket #81 (Make all boxes in step 2 of publish form the same width) created by and
Currently there are 5-6 boxes and they are all different widths making the …
01:11 Ticket #50 (Add a class to tags header in portlet) closed by and
invalid: It seems this currently works so am invalidating.
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