13:03 Ticket #91 (Investigate ZEO clustering) created by andycat
configurations for splitting the portal_catalog object into one ZEO …
13:02 Ticket #90 (Debian package for Plumi) created by pabs
Investigate producing a Debian package for Plumi, using the 'plone-site' …
12:34 Ticket #89 (Indytube Egg process) created by anonymous
Indytube is now in a python Egg http://plumi.org/browser/indytube/trunk
12:01 Ticket #88 (GSXML import export functionality) created by anonymous
Investigate GSXML as a way to import / export objects from the ZODB so we …
11:59 Ticket #87 (Upgrade using to BlobField for video product.) created by anonymous
Upgrade to ATBlobField using the migration path developed. …
11:58 Ticket #86 (Replace TagCloudExplorer with other products) created by anonymous
Possibly vapourisation -  http://plone.org/products/vaporisation which is a …
11:52 Ticket #85 (Upgrade to ContentLicensing Plone 3 branch) created by anonymous
07:05 Ticket #84 (Design Plumi Wordpress) created by anna
 http://blog.plumi.org The structure of the wordpress site is all there. …


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12:03 IndyTube created by andycat
10:36 TransCoding edited by andycat


09:25 Ticket #83 (Upgrade to latest version of ContentLicensing (1.0.5 rc 2)) created by andycat
This new version contains the fix , so we can track a properly released …


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10:36 Ticket #69 (Add "call for submissions" link, icon and text into /publish page and ...) reopened by and
for plumi in fact you need to add a new gif such as …


21:11 Ticket #62 (Change alt-text on Plumi chiclet) closed by andycat
21:07 Ticket #69 (Add "call for submissions" link, icon and text into /publish page and ...) closed by andycat
19:15 Ticket #66 (Callouts Content Item) closed by andycat


05:54 Ticket #80 (New users dont have 'listed' property set to True) closed by andycat
fixed:  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/50236


05:02 Ticket #81 (Make all boxes in step 2 of publish form the same width) created by and
Currently there are 5-6 boxes and they are all different widths making the …
01:11 Ticket #50 (Add a class to tags header in portlet) closed by and
invalid: It seems this currently works so am invalidating.


09:15 Ticket #80 (New users dont have 'listed' property set to True) reopened by andycat
08:57 Ticket #80 (New users dont have 'listed' property set to True) closed by andycat
fixed: Actually, this doesnt happen on demo.plumi.org Closing.
08:30 Ticket #80 (New users dont have 'listed' property set to True) created by andycat
New users wont show up in searches on the site.
07:23 Ticket #79 (New Author Page / Workspace) created by and
Investigate changes to the author and member workspace (now dashboard) in …
07:05 Ticket #78 (Group Functionality) created by and
Groups on EngageMedia should have the following functionality: * page to …
07:02 Ticket #77 (Ratings) created by and
Add ATRatings or like product so we know how many downloads there are of …
06:56 Ticket #76 (Create widget to allow content licensing within news item edit form) created by and
Currently you add the content license for news items (and events etc.?) in …
06:50 Ticket #75 (Make it easy for users to create their own custom vodcast channels) created by and
Smart folders are a great way to create custom vodcast channels, …
06:30 Ticket #74 (E-Commerce and Shopping Cart for DVD/Tape Distro) created by and
Investigate the implementation of a shopping cart and online-payment …
06:25 Ticket #73 (Contact Tab in Author Page) created by and
Enhance the author page so that the option to contact an author is a …
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03:29 about created by and
02:11 Ticket #72 (Spec Out Fundraising & Micro Payments) created by anna
Investigate methods for implementing donations system for …


12:03 Ticket #71 (Investigate ATBlobField) created by andycat
07:37 Ticket #70 (Plumi buttons) created by and
Create 2 new plumi buttons for promo. * 160x53 Contain text: …


07:57 Ticket #14 (Download button on video_view template - change text to "Download Hi-Res / ...) closed by anna


10:38 Ticket #69 (Add "call for submissions" link, icon and text into /publish page and ...) created by and
Title: Call for Submissions Body: Looking for content for a DVD …
08:42 Ticket #61 (enhanced comment functionality and moderation) reopened by andycat
08:42 Ticket #61 (enhanced comment functionality and moderation) closed by andycat
fixed: Need to think how to distribute this - ideally this goes back into …
04:18 2007/09/18/04.16 created by and
01:46 Ticket #68 (Indytube / Flowplayer Does Not Go Fullscreen on Opera 9.23 / Mac OS ...) created by anna
Clicking the fullscreen button on Flowplayer has no effect. I checked …
01:34 Milestone 0.1 completed
Fixing any last bugs from RC1 to get to a stable release.
01:29 Ticket #42 (UnicodeDecodeError in ATVideo/Extensions/AppInstall) closed by andycat
wontfix: Need more info - i we see this again , re-open ticket.
01:28 Ticket #3 (Add filesize data into the catalog index) closed by andycat
fixed: more silly bugfixes  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/49388
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