17:40 Ticket #6 (Update extenals.txt) closed by and
16:16 Ticket #34 (Ability to add videos from other sites) created by and
== User Story == Create the ability to take videos from Vimeo, YouTube?
15:02 Ticket #33 (Ability to add html in description field of smart folders) created by and
Currently only plain text is possible which limits their use for creating …
14:58 Ticket #32 (Mobile Friendly Plumi Skin - Viewable on Android and iPhone) created by and
Designed to enabled the ability to view content (and play it) on mobile …
14:54 Ticket #31 (Design a Plone 3 buildout for Plumi 0.3) created by and
Create a development environment for Plumi 0.3 to be based on Plone 3, …
13:33 Ticket #30 (Investigate and test p4a portfolio product for possible inclusion) created by and
The p4a portfolio product may provide us with enhanced member profile …
13:31 Ticket #29 (Genre, Topic and Country, Activities and Format Interests in Author Page ...) created by and
As part of the developing the social software aspect of Plumi, you should …
13:29 Ticket #28 (insure full itunes rss2/atom compatability) created by and
There are a few particular things an rss2 needs to have to be fully …
13:26 Ticket #27 (Notification that feedback has been sent to author) created by and
When you send feedback to an author there is no notification the message …
13:23 Ticket #26 (Managers Make Any Items Private - Content Pulling Made Easy) created by and
Currently to pull content, we have to change the ownership of the item to …
12:35 Ticket #25 (Error When Uploading Video With Same File Name) created by anonymous
When uploading a video that had the same filename to the same folder, …
12:32 Ticket #24 (Add atom feeds) created by anonymous
The ability to subscribe to taxonomy and members video feeds using Atom. …
12:27 Ticket #23 (Modify video upload form to be based on transmission metadata standard) created by and
Modify the three step form to include the appropriate fields as laid out …
11:03 Ticket #22 (Investigate Calendar Functionality) created by anonymous
Do we want a calendar, and if so, do we want an enhanced calendar product?
10:34 Ticket #21 (create custom item type for featured Items [ ATEngageVideo, News, Events, ...) created by anonymous
The current system to feature a Items [ ATEngageVideo, News, Events, Call …
10:25 Ticket #20 (Productions Content Item) created by anonymous
Develop a content item for productions improve collaborative tools on EM. …
10:16 Ticket #19 (Auto Transcoding and Embedded Playback of Ogg Theora Files) created by anonymous
Implement Ogg into Indytube. This ticket is lodged on the Indytube tracker …


23:03 Ticket #18 (New Feature - Playlists) created by anna
This ticket includes notes from previous incarnations of this feature …
23:00 2007/07/04/11.01 edited by and
22:40 Ticket #17 (Video upload progress indicator) created by and
At present the any indication of the progress of your upload is …
22:35 Ticket #16 (adding bittorent as a product to plone) created by and
should the bittorrent code be a product in the plone directory and …
22:33 Ticket #15 (add FAQ doc file) created by and
Include an FAQ file in the plone package documentation
22:30 Ticket #14 (Download button on video_view template - change text to "Download Hi-Res / ...) created by and
Many people who see the download button under the flash player may think …
22:19 Ticket #13 (Add a "PlumiPowered" chiclet to footer of page) created by and
Add PlumiPowered? chiclet to bottom of the page next to Plone chiclet
22:13 Ticket #12 (Set up mail accounts for plumi.org) created by and
we need in particular a contact@… address
22:09 Ticket #11 (Comment in info section of torrent file back to video view page) created by and
Looking at the info of the torrent file downloaded from the site gives you …
22:07 Ticket #10 (BitTorrent Tracker Info Displayed on Video Item Display (/view) page) created by and
The torrent tracker information on each video should be displayed within …
22:05 Ticket #9 (Torrent Tracker Page) created by and
A page listing all the torrents on the site with the no. of seeders, …
22:01 Ticket #8 (BitTorrent Functionality) created by and
Automatic creation and seeding of videos via bittorrent. Create a …
21:55 Ticket #7 (rss2 does not contain content licensing metadata) created by and
Content licensing metadat from Content Licensing product is not currently …
21:06 Ticket #6 (Update extenals.txt) created by and
Externals.txt is currently lacking a lot of information about various …
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17:23 Ticket #5 (Investigate creating a Plumi buildout using Ploneout) created by and
A buildout might be one way for people to easily set up a plumi site from …
16:55 Ticket #4 (Set up Plumi Trac to send mails to discuss list when tickets are ...) created by and
16:33 Ticket #3 (Add filesize data into the catalog index) created by and
The video view page displays file size of a video. Currently this wakes up …
15:28 Ticket #2 (Release ATEngageVideo) created by and
Currently the plone products directory lists only an alpha release of …
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