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Changes to Video Upload & Publish Form

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Changes to the publish form will be based on wireframes currently in draft form here:

Steps 1 & 2 will be attempted in this ticket, except for embedding videos from other sites, which means changing the video content type (and the video template) in a lot of ways. We will attempt this later, along with functionality in Step 3.

The new publish form will be based on the current skin.

Most importantly we want to overhaul the way videos are uploaded and added to Plone, in order to address stability issues that have been occurring such as incomplete uploads.

In order to make uploading more reliable, we want to separate the uploading process (the backend process, not the form) from the zope servers. Zope servers get restarted every few days and are generally busy collecting and serving many things. Our initial plan is to make the zope servers WSGI applications and build another WSGI application from scratch, that will manage the upload process. This will increase the reliability of the upload process, as it will not be tied up to a specific zope instance. It will also reduce strain on the zope servers by not having them wait for large files to get uploaded. Moreover, we have to lay the groundwork for the entire mechanism of the new upload form, e.g. structure, javascript, AJAX saving and uploading etc.


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FYI the process for YT

  • Add file
  • Choose thumbnail
  • Title:
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Category
  • Privacy

Once uploaded there are several options to add more metadata, add annotations, subtitles, edit video, add audio etc. You also get an email encouraging you to do a host of other things.

This could perhaps include the embed code.


  • upload video
  • title
  • description
  • tags

Looking at Blip next. More to come in terms of designing this out....

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IMDB has a sidebar prompt with this info:

Recommended Video Settings We recommend the following settings to optimize video quality on the IMDb site:

Recommended Video Settings

Size: Up to 2 GB file size. Most files should be substantially smaller, though. Length: A 2 GB file can usually accommodate a full feature film. Frame: Up to 1280px by 720px at 30 frames per second Format: Flash Video (Codec: Sorenson or VP6 codec) or Quicktime NOTE: The larger your file size, the longer your upload will take, and the higher the risk that your Internet connection will be interrupted, requiring you to restart the upload. For file sizes greater than 500 MB, we suggest starting them at a time when you can walk away from your computer, even while you sleep. If you have repeated troubles uploading your Full Movie or Episode, please let us know so we can help you.

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The new publish form works well apart from these issues:

1 ⁃ the publish form seems to take a relatively long time to load initially. do we know why?

2 ⁃ right column needs removing from publish form page

3 ⁃ save changes takes you to pending page - no way to get back to categories easily… basically when the user has not clicked on "Categories" yet, they don't get an idea that this part of the form even exists. i suppose we can address this in the design, to make the fact that there is another page of information to add, more obvious.

4 ⁃ clicking edit tab also takes a long while to reload

5 ⁃ clicking edit tab takes you back to other version of the form... i have discussed this with dimo who explains that we have a new publish form, not a new edit form, and that a new edit form should wait for the changes from archetypes to dexterity. however the process right now is difficult for the user, so we should think about how to get around this problem, of the publish form looking/feeling very different to the edit form. perhaps the new design could make these different steps, with differently organised information, seem a bit more similar?

6 ⁃ genre - defaults to documentary, is this right?

7 ⁃ website URL - when " http://" has not been added, there is an error. when this error is shown on page reload (after clicking save changes) the field is highlighted but there is no "correct this error" message. two things need to happen 1. the form needs to indicate that " http://" is required, OR it needs to add this automatically if it has not been added by the user 2. when an error occurs better information needs to be flagged to the user so they can fix the error.

8 ⁃ an image is missing from the Creative Commons license selector - on page two. this error has been noted before, but still needs fixing here.

9 ⁃ when an error occurs on page two (Categories tab) of the publish form, the message says THERE WERE SOME ERRORS. this message is very confusing when on page one, and the error is on page two - eg. URL field missing " http://"

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  • Milestone changed from 4.4 .Beta - Video Publishing to 4.4 .RC

comment:10 Changed 5 years ago by mike


1 - Probably because it has to cache and serve a lot of external javascript libraries for the upload widget. Afterwards they are cached.

2 - DONE

3 - Yes, making the tabs more visible should be addressed during the redesign.

4 - There haven't been any changes to that part of the code (the old edit form), so it should be the same speed as it is now when it goes live

5 - we can look at it during the redesign too

6 - DONE (defaults to None now, as in

8 - DONE

I am looking at 7 and 9 at the moment. I'll update this ticket when I've made progress

comment:11 Changed 5 years ago by mike

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7 - We now add  http:// if it is missing

9 - If the user submits invalid mail or Website URL, we now provide a better error

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After uploading a video, when I click on the 'edit' tab it takes me to the old publishing form.

Also I feel like there needs to be a prompt or a smoother way to get people to catagorize their video, even if they don't have to.

comment:13 Changed 5 years ago by and

Issues I have just found

Can we quickly make the 'add a video' a bit more button-esq or bolder, I actually think you can miss it with the grey.

For the 160 characters, is there a way it can actually tell you it's getting close to 160?

Can we remove the gnu fee doc and 'other' license? Or this just something to do in the panel?

Choose button on CC goes to a broken link

There's nothing that takes me back and makes me categorise, this is a big usability issue. Most people will be totally lost that they need to click edit again.

comment:14 Changed 5 years ago by and

Other issues from page 2

The topics selector is a little confusing. Perhaps an explanation or is there another way to do it?

I think we can just lose 'location', I think we did that in the wireframes

All the boxes for tags, director, email should be twice as long, most info won't fit into them

Also the fact that I catagorize, hit save and then go back to step 1 seems counter intuitive, surely it should just save it all and take me to the video view form?

comment:15 Changed 5 years ago by anna

These issues are important to note, but for most of them I think we should just note these for the new design, as we will have this within two weeks time, rather than replicate the work of making these changes now.

I think there are arguments for and against the location field. As we would just be hiding this from the UI, rather than removing it from the schema, we should leave this for now.

I think we need to think more deeply about the user interaction with the pages on the form also, in terms of what happens when each page is saved. I think you are right that it elements of this are confusing at present, but that we should address as part of the form re-design from Yiannis. There may be design solutions to some of these issues, and others we might have to change how the form operates....

I have copied & pasted these notes into the wiki for the new video publish form.

comment:16 Changed 5 years ago by anonymous

I have committed a few of the changes (increase text fields for Location/Director? etc and make the text 'add video' bold

comment:17 Changed 5 years ago by anna

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Testing this on - I found that when I was on page 1 of the form - basic info, yet has incorrect input on page 2 of the form, when I clicked "Save Changes", the error message read "Info: There were some errors", yet I was back on page 1, basic info, so I could not see any errors.

Perhaps a stop-gap solution could be to change this message to read: "Info: There were some errors. Please check basic info and categories tabs to check your input."

In terms of a more elegant user-friendly solution, I think we have to think more deeply again when we re-design the form, about the user-interaction of these switchable pages, and how errors are reported, and whether or not the user knows there is a step 2 etc.

comment:18 Changed 5 years ago by anna

  • Milestone changed from 4.4 .RC to 4.4 Final

comment:19 Changed 5 years ago by and

One solution for the catagorize/workflow issue - could there also be a catagorize button at the bottom? As people fill the form out and get down there and don't go back to the top.

I really think this is an issue that has to be fixed ASAP. It can't wait till the redesign or we will be getting tonnes of videos without this information.

I see the tag/producer etc. fields got extended but they are now massive and look kind of silly. perhaps reduce them by 30%.

Plus adding in the other issues that didn't get responses as yet

The topics selector is a little confusing. Perhaps an explanation or is there another way to do it?

For the 160 characters, is there a way it can actually tell you it's getting close to 160?

comment:20 Changed 5 years ago by and

Also, I had uploaded a file but then when i hit "save changes" it said none had been uploaded. I had previously cancelled the upload and uploaded a new one.

comment:21 Changed 5 years ago by and

Lastly, with the content licensing, i tried to remove the gnu and custom license options in the site set up and it said they weren't activated. Somehow they still appear in the form.

Thanks folks! Big changes I know, getting there :)

comment:22 Changed 5 years ago by anna

  1. categorize/workflow issue, yes I guess this solution though a bit clumsy will help for now. however, having a process that is NOT step-wize, this is fundamentally changing the user-interaction to make this step optional, which i thought EM had decided was ok?

i'm ok with doing this now if it won't take too long, but really think it is much more sensible to focus our efforts on getting the new design out, which will only be another week or a little more.

the number of videos uploaded in this time will likely be what - no more than 10?

  1. fields can stay as they are i think for now, this kind of minor change at this point seems inefficient
  1. topics selector - i don't personally think its confusing, but this can be re-designed when we re-do the form design from Yiannis
  1. 160 characters limit - yes i think if we are going to limit this to 160 characters this should be communicated to the user with the number of characters remaining. this could be done with the new designed form, yes? i will make a note of this in the wiki.
  1. let's also make a note to remove the gnu / custom license if possible in the CC license choose in the new design. HOWEVER worth noting that Dimo & I discussed the possiblity of other open content licensing options in future, let's chat about that in more detail over skype
  1. the errors you are reporting regarding user interaction with the progress bar / file uploader are really useful - i'll try to test this again later, to try to know exactly what you mean . we should try to fix any of these bugs for 4.5 for sure.
  1. noting the issue i reported regarding the errors on different tabs (noted above) here as well for easier tracking... my suggestion is still for 4.4 final, a stop-gap solution could be to change this message to read: "Info: There were some errors. Please check basic info and categories tabs to check your input."

comment:23 Changed 5 years ago by and

Hey Anna, thanks fo laying this out sensibly.

  1. Am OK with non-step wise but as it is atm most people will miss there is something there. Agree we shouldn't over do this as it will be designed out properly now, but something to make it more obvious now would help.
  1. Sure, it's ugly but let's get to the design
  1. Yes, can wait to be part of the design
  1. Can also go to a 4.6 if need be
  1. Can wait for now but def should be removed for 4.5. EM users have enough trouble understanding CC, they don't need more options. Obv. this is still possible for Plumi.

6/7 - Yes.

comment:24 Changed 5 years ago by anna

ok, great :)

so to be clear, for 4.4 final we will only address issue no. 1 if this is easy enough to do.

and leave all other issues for the re-design. some of those other changes will require bug-fixing anyway (e.g. the character limit reporting) which we don't want to have the headache of addressing on our production site.

comment:25 Changed 5 years ago by and

yes, no.1 only.

comment:26 Changed 5 years ago by anna

  • Milestone changed from 4.4 Final to 4.5 EM & Plumi UI Re-Design

Sorry about this, the solution we proposed for no.1 is really not easy to implement, so we should push all of this to 4.5.

It's urgent to get 4.5-final out as we need to incorporate changes we are making to the back end of Plumi in order to facilitate changes in the Diazo re-design.

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Closing this to open specific tickets.


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