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12/02/10 11:37:42 (7 years ago)

Ok, we discussed how these videos might work. The proposal has been added to the ticket description.


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    initial v9  
    1 Plone4artists video allows you to take videos from Google Video, YouTube,, etc and add them as an item. 
     1Create the ability to take videos from Vimeo, YouTube,, etc and add them to a Plumi site. 
     3This will enable broader sharing of content. Videomakers will not have to re-upload their video to another site (the Plumi site) if they have already done so elsewhere. It will also allow site editors to curate content from other sites into a Plumi site. 
    5 It would be good to create a specific content type/product for adding this kind of videos to enable broader sharing of content. 
     5 * external videos offered as a different content type to ordinary videos 
     6 * collect same metadata set - but create a different publish form, (also as a test of changing the ordinary video publish form) to make most of the non-fields in Step 1 appear in an "Advanced" section (hidden with Ajax until selected) to make the publish form less daunting 
     7 * make this new Publish form one page only 
     8 * instead of the browse/upload file widget, include a space for the embed code from Vimeo, Youtube or other site 
     9 * include the option to not add an open content license to the work (to enable freer curating of external content) 
     10 * change taxonomy collections to include this new content type, so these videos can be listed along with ordinary videos on the site